How to Set Up Your Space When Working Remote?

How to Set Up Your Space When Working Remote?

With the uprise of the remote work trend, it’s becoming increasingly important for individuals to set up a dedicated workspace in their homes. This not only helps to separate work from personal time but also ensures a more productive and comfortable work environment. In this article, you’ll learn about the key elements you need to consider when setting up your remote workspace.

Importance of a Remote Work Setup

The importance of setting up a proper remote work setup cannot be overstated. Here are a few reasons why a proper remote work setup is essential:

Increases Productivity

A well-designed remote work environment with all the necessary equipment and supplies within reach can help individuals work more efficiently and effectively. 

Reduces Physical Discomfort

A proper remote work setup can help reduce physical discomfort (eye strain, back pain, and neck pain), which can be caused by long hours in front of a computer. A comfortable chair and adequate lighting can help to reduce the physical discomfort.

Helps Maintain Work-Life Balance

With a proper remote work setup, individuals can separate both their personal and professional lives. Having a dedicated workspace and the necessary equipment can help individuals focus on work when it’s time to work and relax when it’s time to relax.

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Improves Focus and Concentration

A working setup can help improve focus and concentration, particularly in a home environment with many distractions. Having a dedicated workspace and the necessary equipment can help individuals stay focused on their work tasks.

Enhances Professionalism

A proper remote work setup can help you present yourself professionally to clients and colleagues, even when working from home. This can contribute to a positive perception of the individual and their work.

How to Set Up Space for Remote Work – Step-by-Step Guide

Here are a few tips and tricks that can be used to set up your remote work setup:

Dedicated Work Space

Maintaining a professional and organized atmosphere can become a piece of cake with a dedicated workspace. This can be a small desk in the bedroom, a corner of the living room, or an entirely separate room. 

The key is to find an area that is free of distractions and can be easily transformed into your work environment. A good tip is to choose a space that has a door that can be closed to help you focus on your work – especially when you have other people living with you in your home.

Sufficient Lighting

Good lighting is essential for maintaining a comfortable work environment – particularly when working on a computer. Natural light is recommended; however, if that’s not possible, consider using a desk lamp or overhead lighting. 

Make sure that the lighting you choose does not cause glare on your computer screen and that it provides enough brightness to keep you alert and focused.

Remote Work Equipment

Having the right equipment is a must to ensure a productive workday. This includes a comfortable chair, a laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection. 

Consider investing in a laptop docking station dual monitor to increase your productivity and make it easier to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. A headset with a microphone is also useful for online meetings and video conferencing.

Office Supplies

Like in a traditional office, you’ll need office supplies to be productive in your remote workspace. This includes pens, paper, notebooks, and a filing cabinet. You can get a whiteboard or a corkboard for jotting down ideas and organizing your tasks. Having these essentials within reach will make your workday much more efficient and organized.

Play Music

Music can play a big role in helping you stay focused and inspired while working remotely. Whether you prefer classical music, ambient noise, or your favorite playlist, listening to music can help you stay productive and focused on your tasks. Consider using headphones if you’re working in a shared living space and need to focus on your work.

Stay Inspired

Working from home can be challenging, and it’s easy to lose motivation. To stay inspired, try to keep a positive attitude; take breaks when you need them, and make sure to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Keeping a plant on your desk or hanging a motivational poster can help keep you motivated and focused.


Setting up a dedicated and comfortable workspace is essential for remote workers to be productive and efficient. Consider the key elements outlined in this article to create your ideal work environment. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to focus easily on your work and achieve your goals.


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