What are The Roles of a Python Developer?

What are The Roles of a Python Developer?

One programming language quickly making its way into the Java world is Python. Nowadays, Python developers have become scarce, making their demands go up. Since python developers are low and their demand is high, hiring them is pretty expensive. If you are a programmer and want to increase your repertoire, learning how to become a python developer is essential. This article will explain what you need to know to be a python developer and the various roles of a python developer. Read along to be enlightened. 

Importance of a Python Developer 

The Python programming language has many benefits. Before learning how to become a Python developer, you need to know what you stand to benefit from Below are some of them: 

  • Python is the third most popular programming language in the TIOBE Index. 
  • In 2019, Python was declared one of the top programming languages by the IEEE Spectrum. 
  • Both pro and beginner programmers fancy Python as a programming language. 
  • Python is preferred as a programming language for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. 

Now that you understand the importance of being a python developer Let’s take you through how to become a python developer and the roles played by this professional career. 

How to Become a Python Developer 

There is a detailed roadmap that you need to follow to become a successful Python developer:

  • Know your goals

Before learning Python development, understand why you want to learn this critical programming language. 

  • Go through Python online tutorials. 

To familiarize yourself with the Python programming language, there are several online tutorials to learn from. Some of these sites have detailed tutorials that will allow you to learn and quickly understand Python. Once you start, you can continue practicing as you remember. 

  • Enroll in Python online courses and read books on Python coding 

Several online courses offer certified Python courses to help programmers learn Python. Once you enroll in these courses, you will be assigned tasks and practical tasks to understand better how Python works. You will also be given projects to work on that will allow you to sharpen your Python coding skills. 

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  • Read Python documentation 

If you want to get better as a Python developer, you need to keep reading the official constructs for other Python documentation. 

  • Look into Python’s source code. 

To become an excellent python developer, you need to take a peek into your favorite Python package source code. This will allow you to know how it works. 

Roles of a Python Developer 

  • To Understand the Basics 

One of the roles of a Python developer is to learn and understand the basics of the Python programming language. You must know about its installation, history, and syntax. Python constructs should also be remembered, including variables, operators, and statements. 

  • Know about Python’s applications 

Understanding the different applications of the Python coding language is also another role of a Python developer. Therefore, if you want to become a Python developer, you need to understand the difference between Python 2 and Python 3.

Other significant roles of a Python developer include:

  • Proper application is data structure such as lists, sets, and dictionaries.
  • Knowing how to apply essential concepts such as loops and decision making
  • Creating virtual environments 
  • Moving functions and recursion
  • Knowing how to handle object-oriented concepts such as methods, classes, inheritance, and overloading
  • Learning more about packages and modules to get sufficient knowledge of standard modules like os, named handling such as complex topics such as decorators, shallow and deep copying, and generators 
  • Generating and using regular expressions and random numbers
  • Applying complex topics such as multiprocessing, networking, and XML processing 
  • Knowing how to build GUIs with the Python coding language 
  • Exceptions handling 
  • Understanding the knowledge of Pandas, SciPy, and NumPy
  • Debugging unit-test, serialize, log, and accessing the database

Other aspects of the Python programming language that a python developer should know about include:

  • Frameworks

Python developers have different roles in coding, as we have mentioned above. Learning how to work with varying frameworks of Python is also a great thing because it allows one to have a diverse knowledge of Python coding. These frameworks include Django, Flask, and CherryPy.

  • Version Control

When a code undergoes several changes applied by different people, it may eventually break. You need to be knowledgeable about GitHub and terms such as fork, pull, push, and commit to make it easier for you to implement version control. 


If you want to make your coding career marketable, you need to learn how to become a Python developer. As we have mentioned above, the reasons are many, and Python is now among the popular coding languages of this age. We hope that this article on the roles of python developers was beneficial, and you are now ready to learn more about how to become a Python developer. 

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