What is Google Cloud Platform?

What is Google Cloud Platform?


What is a cloud platform? It refers to the hardware and operating environment of a server in an internet-based data center. It also allows the coexistence of software and hardware products remotely. How does it work? Cloud platform providers give access to computer services to their users. The services include storage, servers, software, networking as well as intelligence, etc. The users pay for what they use. Therefore, there is no need to set up their own computer infrastructures and data centers. Since it is cost-saving and time-saving, cloud platforms are in huge demand. Hence, there are many cloud computing service providers and Google cloud consulting is one among them. Go ahead and read more to learn more about GCP in detail.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

History – How did Google Platform emerge? 

GCP refers to the public cloud computing services provided by Google. Google Cloud platform is hosted on Google’s infrastructure and provides infrastructure tools and services. The users use these tools and services to develop applications and other services. It was launched in 2008. Initially, it released the preview mode of the app engine to 10000 developers to help them develop new web apps. Finally, in 2011, it pulled out the preview mode and declared it to be an official Google product. Subsequently, many more services were added. Today, it is one of the leading cloud platforms and is used by many companies including PayPal, Snapchat, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and many more.

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Products and Services from the Google Cloud Platform 

Computing Services 

  • App engine – Using this service, you will be able to host and build applications on the same system used for Google applications. At the same time, you can also develop and deploy apps without having to worry about the hardware needed for app development.
  • Compute engine – You can use this to solve analytical problems and you can also use CPUs and cloud TPUs.
  • Google cloud VMware engine – It is exclusively designed to run VMware on cloud platforms. You can use it to run virtual machines.

Storage Services

  • Cloud storage – This service helps you to store data on Google Infrastructure. 
  •  Filestore – This is useful for persistent shared storage.
  • Persistent disk – A persistent disk is a storage option that helps block storage.
  • Cloud database and Cloud Bigtable – These two options are provided for NoSQL data storage. 
  • Data transfer – Helps to move data from one bucket to another and also to back up data to a storage bucket. 
  • Cloud spanner – This is useful for large companies that have 10000 or more employees for read-only and also read and write transactions. 

Networking Services

  • Virtual private cloud – It provides a private network with routing and IP allocation etc. 
  • Router – It is a service that enables graceful restart on your BGP device and also to exchange routes between virtual cloud networks. 
  • IDS – Cloud IDS is very useful in detecting intrusions like spyware and malware, etc. 
  •  Interconnect – You can extend your on-premises network with the help of this service.  
  • Load balancing – This service allows you to manage applications by distributing resources among multiple devices or servers. 
  • Cloud VPN – This allows you to connect to your virtual private cloud from another VPC network or another cloud provider’s network or from your existing network. VPN can be either classic or High Availability VPN. 

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Machine Learning & AI Services 

  • Cloud translation – It helps in automatic translation from one language to another.
  • ML engine – Cloud ML engine is a platform that runs all machine learning training and predictions.
  • Video intelligence – This service enables you to search, discover, and extract videos easily. You can annotate videos in cloud storage or live-streamed videos. 
  • Speech to text – You can convert audio into text in 80+ languages.
  • Natural Language – Cloud natural language provides features like entity analysis, syntax analysis, sentimental analysis, etc. to help developers to apply natural language understanding.
  • Vision – Cloud Vision helps to integrate vision detection features. 

Google cloud platform offers many more services like data analytic services and IoT etc. There are five elements that deploy these services. They are Google compute engine, Google app engine, Google container engine, Cloud functions, and Container registry. 

Why should you go for Google computing? 

  • To start with, it has a strong infrastructure. 
  • Next, it is user-friendly.
  • GCP is also cost-effective. 
  • Its big data service is very powerful and helps in data analytics. 
  • Google computing saves you time and lets you focus on your business. 
  • Your staff can stay relaxed as there is no work burden. Hence, the chances of the success of the business are high. 
  • Finally, it is a blessing for all businesses from startups to corporations. 

How do you use GCP? 

Google offers a free trial for 12 months with credit. Moreover, it provides free credit to select startups. It is available publicly. Therefore, you can get the services easily.  GCP can be of great help. Hence, you can go for it without any second thoughts. If you want any Google cloud consulting, find the right service provider.


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