Anti-Whale Mechanism: The Highlight Of Celadon Coin

Anti-Whale Mechanism: The Highlight Of Celadon Coin

Celadon Coin was created with several outstanding features to become the most complete platform of the future generation of cryptocurrency. One of the main features that illustrate the uniqueness of Celadon Coin is the Anti-Whale Mechanism (AWM). So what is Anti-Whale Mechanism? How does it work? Let’s find out more about this amazing scheme in the article below.

What is Anti-Whale Mechanism?

First of all, you need to understand what a whale in cryptocurrency is. Whales are huge investors who hold cryptocurrencies in bulk, with the aim to dominate and manipulate the marketplace and other smaller crypto holders’ movements.

As the name implies, Anti-Whale Mechanism (AWM) is a mechanism designated to eliminate “whales” – the wealthy investors who rely on their financial strength to control the price of tokens in the crypto market.

How does Anti-Whale Mechanism work?

Similar to other markets, the crypto marketplace often occurs “big fish eat small fish” situation. 

Specifically, crypto whales or hotshots will take advantage of their wealth to accumulate a huge number of tokens. This action results in a scarcity of tokens, from which the price skyrockets token price to skyrocket. The unbelievable volatility of the token price causes small and medium consumers to be confused and suspicious about it. As a result, they will gradually lose their trust and consider the crypto world to be a scam. 

Meanwhile, the rich crypto whales now gain the manipulation of the token price. What even worse is the “Pump and Dump” situation, when bulk holders make use of the inflation to sell tokens with an exaggerated price to reap hefty profit? The victims will be ordinary buyers who feel panicked by this ridiculous price difference. This power leads to the domination of a small number of wealthy users over the entire crypto marketplace, which goes against the criteria of decentralized blockchains. 

So how to eradicate this chaotic condition? The answer is Anti-Whale Mechanism. To prevent inequality, AWM will only allow users to buy a fixed amount of tokens. With this regulation, no one can utilize their personal resources to control the market and rob opportunities of other investors.

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Benefits of Anti-Whale Mechanism

With its function, the Anti-Whale Mechanism is one of the most necessary solutions for an equal decentralized world. The following are the amazing benefits this mechanism brings.

  • Ensure equality: This scheme provides every trader with an equal chance to invest and generate profits. By applying AWM, users can feel secure to enter the authentic decentralized blockchains.
  • Anti-Whale Mechanism allows such a reasonable allocation among investors. This method contributes to the users’ education about the categories of a truly decentralized world and establishes a firm trust of users in the crypto space.

Other tips to protect yourself from whales

Anti-Whale Mechanism has greatly aided the cryptocurrency market in curbing the bad activities of whales. However, the whale’s situation can still occasionally occur. Here are some tips to help you protect your crypto assets from whales.

  • Use Twitter: The social network Twitter has the function of monitoring and announcing the arrival of whales in the crypto market. You should sign up for a Twitter account to receive whales’ alerts.
  • Check whales list: Regular active whales are bound to be tracked. There is a list of notorious bulk holders that is updated regularly. What you need to do is check that list to prepare countermeasures.
  • Do not panic: Do not panic when witnessing unreasonable price fluctuation. You need to find out the real reason causing the price difference. Take your time and effort to do research or ask for consultancy before buying or selling your tokens.

With its vital role, the Anti-Whale Mechanism is an indispensable feature that helps Celadon Coin to be a competitive cryptocurrency platform with enormous potential in the future. Right now investors wanting to buy CELA tokens can find out more information about the token sale event available on our website!


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