Analyzing Financial Statements for Stock Investment Decisions

Analyzing Financial Statements for Stock Investment Decisions

One of the traits of stock investing in any company is to know its market value and financial condition. Doing stock investing in a company with zero knowledge of its market value can be risky. Moreover, as you decide to invest in a company’s stock, you will need to know how long the company will succeed and how much return you can expect. To know this, checking out the financial statements for analysis is important. 

If you are keen to invest in stocks of any start-up or established company and need a financial statement, connect with the best stock advisor in India. The advisor will help you gain complete insight into the respective company and help you decide whether to invest in stocks.

Financial statements are necessary for investors to evaluate a startup’s or established company’s profitability, financial standing, and prospects for expansion. You must initially organize these financial statements as the business’s founder. 

Although handling your finances well and having a solid grasp of how to explain the numbers to potential investors is crucial during a startup’s existence, these skills become even more crucial between the seed and Series B phases. This is usually a period of rapid expansion and unpredictability when you should seek advice and maybe consider raising more funds. 

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What is Financial Statement Analysis?

Financial statement analysis is the process of examining a company’s financial statements to make decisions. External stakeholders use it to assess the overall financial performance and comprehend an organization’s general well-being. It serves as a financial management monitoring tool for internal constituents.

As a stock market investor, you should know what importance the financial statement holds. You should make sound investment decisions after verifying and screening the statement of the company. Since these statements are available on company sites, you can even seek the assistance of the best stock advisor in India.

What are the uses of a company’s financial statements?

A company’s financial statement can have multiple uses, especially for stock market investments. Some of the uses are-

  • Know the Financial Status

The financial statements are primarily used to convey information about the company’s financial position as of a specific date. You can even analyze the yearly financial status. Many parties involved in the business use this information to help them make critical decisions.

  • To get credit

Potential lenders can utilize financial statements to understand the company and decide whether to restrict credit to initiate a recovery process or grant more credit for business expansion.

  • Help in Stock Investment Decisions

Stock investment cannot be done without having the financial statement handy. Get the statement handy if you are a newbie or an experienced investor. Financial statements provide all the information for potential investors to decide how much stock can be purchased or whether it is worth holding it for long. 

  • Easy Policy-Making Aid

The government uses financial accounts to decide taxes and regulations based on how the business conducts its operations. Government agencies can tax a firm on its income and asset levels. If the government shows interest in the company, you can invest in stocks.

What are the Financial Statements Analyzed?

A company maintains its financial statements in different forms. You can analyze any of them to get a better picture. Some of these are-

  • Analyzing the Balance Sheet

In addition to displaying the company’s financial status, the balance sheet offers specific asset investment details. The statement offers a view of the company’s debt and equity amounts. Investors and creditors can better grasp the company’s performance and situation using this capital mix.

  • Examining the Income Statement

Since, the balance sheet gives just an overview of equity, debt, liabilities, and assets. It does not explain what led the company to be in the current state. As a result, investors place a high value on the income statement’s profit figures.

An income statement format includes sales, costs, losses, and profit. Using these statements, investors can assess the company’s historical performance and project future cash flows.

  • ‍Cash Flow Statement

It is vital to comprehend that the cash flow statement displays the input and outflow of cash from the organization during the financial period to study the significance of financial statement analysis. It conveys to investors that the business has sufficient cash to cover its costs and make purchases.

Three headings – operating, investing, and financing – comprise the cash flow statement. It provides an overview of the company’s entire operations.

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4 Areas Stock Investors Look for in Financial Statements

When checking out financial statements, stock investors look for 4 different areas. These are-

  • Revenue

Investors can find the Revenue section at the top line, or revenue before expense deduction, on the income statement, indicating the company’s overall profit in a certain period. Additionally, income statements provide a straight comparison of expenses and net profit. Your top line is the priority metric overall.

  • Profitability

Investors use comparisons between expenses and net income to determine profitability. Net income is the overall revenue that a business receives after all cost deductions. A healthy ratio of expenses to net income indicates sound business management and appeals to investors. 

  • Debt Level

Debt is an integral part of the business, especially at the beginning period. For stock investors, credit lines may not cause an issue, but would like to know how the company will make payments to them, including stakeholders. Moreover, they are keen to know if the company holds a positive reputation in the market for on-time payment. 

  • Cash Flow

There are many ups and downs in the business sector. A high cash outflow and modest or stagnant inflows suggest that you lack a sizable safety net if something goes wrong. Alternatively, your business won’t be able to make payments as your obligations grow.

What are the Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis?

When conducting financial statement analysis for stock investment, different forms follow. These are-

  • Trend Analysis: Financial statement data from several periods is examined using trend analysis to find patterns and trends. Investors can understand a company’s past success by examining year-over-year changes.
  • Vertical Analysis: This technique involves understanding the proportions of each item in a financial statement. This method aids in determining shifts in the relative weight of various elements and how they affect the state of one’s finances.
  • Horizontal Analysis: In this technique, horizontal analysis helps to find changes in line items from successive periods. With this method, investors can identify areas of growth or decrease.


Financial statement analysis is certainly the most effective method for evaluating the performance of any organization before stock investment. Since we know what types of analysis are done and the techniques used, making the right stock investment decision will be easy. It aids in decision-making regarding a company, letting you know how it is currently doing, eliminating contradictions, and lowering the likelihood of fraud. The benefits of financial statement analysis are numerous but also constrained. Therefore, using a trustworthy and the best stock broker in India is always beneficial. A professional advisor will ensure you get the complete financial idea and help you decide which stock is best.


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