Top 8 Reasons to Learn Android App Development in 2022.

Top 8  Reasons to Learn Android App Development in 2022.

With regards to mobile phones, many individuals think Apple (or iOS) rules, yet you are not the vast majority. You know better. You realize that Android has considerably more share in the mobile phone market than iOS. it has over 87% of the worldwide mobile phone market share. As indicated by reports, Android drives the worldwide smartphone market with 80% of in general smartphone deals, and businesses have been employing experts with ensured ability in Android App Development a lot quicker than experts in some other mobile tech. Lat’s take a look at 8 reasons to learn Android app development.

1: An Open Source Technology

Android App Development is an open-source working framework. The Linux-based portable working framework makes the source code openly accessible for somebody to utilize it. The Linux piece is utilized in Android covered under GPL. It implies any progressions made to the source code ought to be made accessible with the binary being delivered to people in general. It offers an incredible opportunity to the developers by permitting them to alter and adjust the programming codes without any problem.

2: It Is A Fastest Growing Technology

In the previous genuine world, there were a lot of things that were done truly, required direction and difficult work, and took a ton of time. For the simple work of transferring money between accounts, one was needed to remain in lines for a critical time, but presently the same work can be possible in less time by utilizing different applications. It may not be profane to say that in this day and age, similar assignments should be possible through a mobile app all the more effectively and securely significantly quicker.

3: Gigantic Market Share Of Apps

Because of the developing market share of the overall industry of Android applications, enormous associations are searching for Android developers, that’s why Android development has turned into the most famous expert profession choice in the current day. Whenever you have learned Android development and begin developing the applications, you would make your Android applications arrive at a huge number of clients around the world.

4: Huge Job Opportunities to choose :

By seeing the fast development of the Android market, there are open doors for Android Developers that are additionally expanding. Thus, to accept Android Development as the profession, you may effortlessly get a decent compensation bundle in the IT business. Android experts work under various work assignments. The skill that will assist you with spending significant time in mobile development might qualify you for different sought-after work jobs.

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5: Lucrative salary

We should talk about cash. Android developers (Overall and relying upon experience and area) made about $107,000 yearly in 2018. This number has been expanding year throughout the year for quite a while seemingly forever.

Let’s crackdown on this significant compensation data considerably further since we realize this is likely what interests and inspires you the most.

For Android developers:

  • Entry-level salary of $75,000 per year.
  • Mid-career developers earn ~$96,000 annually.
  • After 10 years of experience, developers can earn ~$112,000 annually.
  • The highest salary can be ~$144,000 per year ( $5,000 more than iOS’ highest salary).
  • The United States pays ~$39,000 more per year than the second-highest paying country (Canada).
  • The cities that pay the highest salary:
    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles
    • Cupertino
    • Austin
    • Chicago
    • New York

6: Customization

Android is far ahead of Apple to provide more customization options. Not at all like ioS, Android offers a huge load of customization to its clients as well as developers. You can redo or change practically anything you desire. Assume, in the event that you would really rather avoid any application accompanied your phone, simply introduce another from the Play Store and set it as your default application.

This adaptability permits developers to make some exceptionally customizable and very captivating applications. You can try different things with various application formats and highlights to make inventive applications. Android additionally allows developers to make applications for specific gadgets. Generally, the limitations are very less.

7: Comparatively Easy to Learn:

Android development essentially requires decent information on Java Programming Language. By thinking of it as one of the least demanding coding languages to learn, Java is many developers’ first openness to Object-Oriented Design standards. In the event that you have fair information on Java, you would effortlessly make fruitful Android Apps. Numerous different languages might be utilized for Android App Development, like Kotlin, Python, C++, and C#. Since no language might be known as some unacceptable language for the Android App Development, the decision of the language would stay with the Android Developers, and in view of their inclinations and goals for each project.

8: Freedom to work anywhere:

A profession in Android Development gives you all the capacity and adaptability to work from someplace you need. An Android Developer doesn’t really need to do everyday positions. When you enter the business, you might decide to one or the other work from the organization you have joined or decide to telecommute as a specialist. Numerous eminent associations, in the current days, are permitting their representatives to work from a distance. You might have to ensure that your experiences and abilities sparkle in your employment forms.


These are a portion of the justifications for why you ought to go for Android application development or change to this if you are still an iOS developer. Both the OS stages enjoy their own benefits and burdens, however, on the off chance that you are intending to make a vocation, you will track down a larger number of chances and development in Android than iOS. A Web Development Company not only pays attention to web development but also pays full attention to Android app development.


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