What SEO Trends Every Sydney Businesses Should Watch Out for in 2022

What SEO Trends Every Sydney Businesses Should Watch Out for in 2022

Sydney is one of the best places to start a business in Australia. As a premier financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region, it welcomed some of the biggest multinational companies like Coca-Cola, which built their headquarters in this part of the globe, including Google, Woolworths Group, and Canva. Aside from these big corporations, as many as 73,000 small businesses also operate in the capital of New South Wales. These businesses must find a way to compete with the big corporations to take advantage of the city’s flourishing economy. 

Investing in seo sydney can be one of the most effective strategies every small business owner should prioritize if they want to compete with the major brands in the city. But since SEO practices constantly change to keep up with the search engine updates, businesses must know what to expect in 2022 and beyond. Moreover, it will help them figure the next steps in their SEO strategies. So here are some SEO ranking factors every business owner needs to know to thrive in the coming year. 

Site Authority

Everyone knows that Google uses bots for indexing websites. But not everyone has an idea that the search engine platform hires human agents to evaluate the search engine results pages (SERPs) quality and the websites that appear on their first page. 

The Search Quality Raters check if the websites comply with Google’s detailed guidelines to validate the site’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) rating. It is the reason why businesses in Sydney must ensure that they can prove their authority in their niche to the audience and the search engine platform. Agencies that offer SEO in Sydney services know what to do to boost the site’s authority, including immediately publishing the author bios and adding relevant qualifications to prove its authority in their industry. 


Now more than ever, business establishments need to stop inappropriate keyword use like keyword stuffing to avoid getting penalized by Google. The search engine giant is serious about cracking down illegal SEO practices in 2022 and beyond, so ask your SEO team to put their efforts into using quality keywords that are relevant and essential to the content. 

Your SEO service provider can take advantage of keyword analysis to create a content plan. It is also helpful in determining the suitable topics that will benefit your audience. Most importantly, remind the SEO team that quality will always come first when planning your keyword placement strategy. It will help your website achieve better search engine rankings. 

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Domain Security 

Today’s users demand better protection online since more people shop on e-Commerce sites instead of heading to physical stores. So it is necessary to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS to boost your trustworthiness. This significant change can help protect your users from cyberattacks or hacking. 

Aside from having an SSL certificate, you may also inquire about adding extra domain security like CDN and DDoS protection. Any additional security features will help Google and your users to trust your website better. 

Small businesses in Sydney must do whatever it takes to thrive in the congested and competitive market. So it will help if your SEO team will implement the updated practices in search engine optimization to ensure your spot on the first page of SEO rankings. As a result, it will help your business grow faster in the city. 


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