Yoast, All In One, or Rankmath which is a better WordPress SEO plugin?

Yoast, All In One, or Rankmath which is a better WordPress SEO plugin?

The WordPress SEO plugin is a useful tool for adjusting on-page SEO (also known as internal settings). Starting with the headline and progressing to a guide for altering SEO friendly content, i.e. writing that follows SEO guidelines and standards.

There are several plugins available for the WordPress CMS that allow us to alter on-page SEO settings. We shall attempt to explain what these tools are at a glance.

Consider this a first introduction; the rest you may be able to choose for yourself whether one is appropriate and worthy of being used as the main plugin on the website.

3 Free On-Page SEO Plugins for WordPress

We propose these three plugins as the best selections from the numerous available, based on the number of people who have installed them.

1. Yoast SEO.

First, there is the Yoast SEO plugin, which is one of the most popular on-page SEO plugins. Aside from that, according to the WordPress.org website, this plugin has been installed by over ten million WordPress users.

Then, Yoast received a 4.8/5.0 rating, with the majority of users giving good evaluations. It’s no surprise that this plugin is popular, as it supports over 65 languages.

You may download this plugin for free, however some features require a paid subscription.

Yoast SEO Advantages:

  • automatically generate a sitemap for the website.
  • The “Quick setting” option simplifies SEO settings for novices.
  • Double/duplicate keyword checker
  • Analyzing keyword volume (integration with SEMrush)
  • The readability and SEO methodology for each article

Disadvantages of Yoast SEO

  • There are several readability and SEO requirements that must be satisfied, and it takes practice to learn the on-page settings for each content type.
  • Increases website load, especially if hosting is really inexpensive.

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2. All-in-One (AIO SEO)

Yoast does not appear to be the only SEO plugin available; there is another choice, known as AIO. Despite having lower popularity than Yoast, this AIO plugin has been installed by over 3 million people globally.

The AIO plugin continues to receive updates from its designer. You may install the plugin for free using WordPress.

AIO SEO Plugin Advantages:

  • There is a headline analyzer function to figure out the headline score; even though this feature is still in development, it doesn’t always have to be used.
  • There is a numerical score, making it easy for us to determine which content categories are optimized using the AIO plugin.


  • Both may raise website load when hosting is low.
  • The display might be challenging for novices to interpret.
  • You still have to upgrade to premium to enjoy superior features such as cornerstone content (pillar content), internal linking recommendations, and so forth.

3. Rankmath

The Third is Rankmath, a relatively new SEO plugin that ranks after Yoast and AIO.

However, this plugin has gained popularity due to the incorporated “instant indexing” capability, which is now nearly universally accessible in WordPress SEO plugins.

Currently, Rankmath appears to be primarily focused on giving AI-based capabilities that are supposed to improve time efficiency. However, you must utilize this feature cautiously.

Do not allow automation to create inferior outcomes. Because maintaining on-page SEO necessitates not only advanced technologies, but also current awareness and expertise of SEO approaches.


  • The appearance appears more current.
  • Instant indexing feature.
  • Module-based approach.
  • LSI keyword integration and Google keyword rankings


  • There are quite a few settings, which may be perplexing for beginners.
  • The finest features are only accessible at a premium level.

So, what is the best WordPress SEO plugin to use? When we consider the popularity and amount of users, Yoast SEO is the preferred solution. This plugin might be useful for controlling on-page SEO settings and other parameters.

However, like with other plugin alternatives, this does not ensure SEO success. Don’t assume that SEO is only about adding plugins; there are other aspects that might impact a website’s position on Google search pages.


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