8 Challenges You May Face While Developing a Mobile App

8 Challenges You May Face While Developing a Mobile App

Growth is the ultimate goal of every business. It is the only way to compete with the market trends. To survive this ever-evolving market, mobile apps can help you grow your business in a much faster way by gaining a large customer base in a short time. Get to know about Challenges You May Face While Developing a Mobile App.

You will face an infinite number of challenges while developing your mobile application. Coming up with a new idea and creating the fastest solution in the shortest amount of time is a challenge these days, where there are millions of pre-existing apps. 

So, just to give you a head start and make your work easy, here are eight challenges that you need to keep in mind while developing a mobile app.

1. Meeting User Requirements:

The application’s main motive is to fulfill the user requirements. The developers must understand the end goal of your app, its features, ideas, and issues as well. Detailed research should be done to get to know your customers. It’s the greatest challenge to develop the app as per the user’s needs. It should be analyzed in detail to get a perfect app that gets noticed. 

Bonus Tip: Assess the market and understand your target audience precisely.

2. Engaging UX:

One of the biggest challenges faced by UX designers and programmers while developing a mobile app is developing an engaging user experience that can gain more customers. The apps with better UX stand out in the mobile app market. It’s the ease of use, the feel, the loading time, the graphics, the animations, and much more.

Bonus Tip: The app should be prepared by keeping the users in mind. Magento 2 mobile app can help customers with a great user experience by making the features more user-friendly, colorful, and interesting.

3. Choosing Mobile OS:

With varying OS it becomes difficult to make an application compatible for each OS or for each screen size. 99.24% of the mobile devices in the world are either Android or iOS. Cross platforms like Flutter works on both iOS and Android and cuts the development time in half. Although this helps you save your resources, you need to ensure a high-quality user experience on all the OS.

Bonus Tip: Hybrid platforms like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other platforms can help you develop your app using a single code base.

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4. Funding:

Having an idea means nothing if you don’t have the funds to make your app idea into a reality. The cost for building an app varies with its complexity. So, you should at least have an idea of the overall cost. You need to consider funds, before starting to build your app. It is not a one-time investment, you will need funds in the future as well as for value addition.

Bonus Tip: Funds from angel investors, loans, or just joint ventures can help you with your funds. Only having funds won’t be sufficient, the quality of the app also matters.

5. Choosing Development Technology:

Choosing a development technology is the stepping stone to your app development process. There are many development frameworks and platforms you need to choose from that suits you the best. You should be sure about your development approach so you can set timelines and plan your business for the future. You need to choose from a variety of development technologies like Swift, C++, Java, HTML5, PHP, and many more. Say if you want to build a gaming app then you need to choose your development frameworks from Unity, libGDX, or Phaser, because these frameworks are both independent and open source.

Bonus Tip: Research and analysis is the key.

6. Device Compatibility and Screen Sizes:

Mobile devices are as diverse as the landscapes in a country like India. The owners need to make different versions of an application. Mobile devices differ in the ranges. Both web and apps should follow all the requirements. The application should be compatible with the device and should work properly on different screen sizes as well.

Bonus Tip: Magento 2 native app can help you with device compatibility as well as with different screen sizes

7. Insecure Data Storage and Authentication:

Users these days simply save their passwords on the device or on the search engine, so that they do not need to enter their credentials again and again. In such cases, usernames, passwords, email addresses need to be stored in an encrypted form. Such critical information should not be stored directly in the device. If it is stored in the device then, it must be stored securely in an encrypted form. Or it might create security issues. The owner should know how secure the application is coded so it doesn’t create issues later on.

Bonus Tip: You should know how the application access networks or fetches and displays the data.

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8. Performance:

A fast-loading application without any crashes or bugs that occupies less space and does desired work without affecting the battery life is an ideal app. High latency is an issue that can be caused by a poor network connection or due to a huge geographical area. It’s important to know where your users are coming from. Slow response time is a big NO-NO for an app, as it creates a negative impression on the users. Even if the latency is low but the response time is high, it is not a good sign for an app. App crashes lead users to abandon your mobile application. Your design should perform well on all the available mobile devices of different types. With good performance comes a good audience.


With ever-evolving technology, developing a mobile app in an interactive is not an easy task. You will face many challenges. You will have many competitors, and to get a successful application you need to face these barriers as well as have funds for the same. Facing challenges that come your way is the way to survive if you want to grow and make yourself stand in the marketplace. 

Unless these challenges are addressed, you cannot get a successful mobile application that can gain you more audience. And if you are looking to develop a mobile app, you can accelerate your growth by


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