Python Vs Java: Which Is Best for Your Business App Development?

Python Vs Java: Which Is Best for Your Business App Development?

The year 2022 saw the boom in the app development industry continue, as businesses saw an increase in customer interest towards applications and other relevant platforms. Everything you need today is available in the form of an application and goes to prove just how beneficial it can be for end-users to access the world through their phone. And also Let’s get to know about Python Vs Java in detail here.

The trend towards application usage was boosted during the pandemic, as a number of people were stuck at home and turned towards their applications for passing the time. Knowing the growing trend of applications, it is only logical for businesses to step into the industry and create business applications for their own brand.

When it comes to creating a business web app, organizations have to choose between Java and Python. Both these programming languages come with intricacies and perks of their own, which is why it is necessary to first understand the fundamental similarities and differences they carry before you make a choice.

A number of businesses are stepping into the industry for web apps but are still unsure as to which option is the best one for them. This article will help make the conundrum easier for you and will help you decide the best programming language for developing your business web app. We compare Python and Java and help find the best out of the two.

Understanding Java

Java is a popular object-oriented language for programming, which has been around for ages. And Java is pretty similar to C++ and comes with a ton of features that developers can use to integrate within their web apps.

Java was released in 1995 and was developed at Sun Microsystems by James Gosling. And Java Development has reached new heights over the years and has increased in popularity based on support for both web and mobile applications. The device also comes with a website plug-in, which gives you the option to run multiple applications within your browser.

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Some of the top features of Java include:

  • The programming language can help build an interactive and highly responsive application.
  • And the programming language is fully object-oriented in nature.
  • The programming language supports the concept of writing once and running anywhere. The code for the language is written once and can be run everywhere.
  • Java can support multiple libraries for open-source coding.

Some of the top apps and famous websites to be built using Java include:

  • Cash App
  • Twitter
  • Signal
  • Airbnb
  • Pinterest
  • Vox Media
  • Spotify

Key Comparison Points for Java

  • Code: Java offers expanded lines for coding in comparison to Python. Java requires ten lines to complete one part of the coding process.
  • Dynamic: Java isn’t as dynamic, as you have to signify and pinpoint the type of data you are using.
  • Syntax: Java does have a complicated syntax, as you have to follow complex coding techniques to reach a flawless outcome. Failure to place a semicolon at the end of a program will lead to an error. Additionally, you should use curly braces while using Java if you want the code to work.
  • Portability: Java Virtual Machine or JVM is part of the Java family and is available on all development platforms.
  • Speed: Speed is one of the plus points for Java, as it is rated faster than Python when it comes to raw speed.
  • Ease of Usage: Java isn’t easy to use and can be quite hard to learn in comparison to Python.
  • Legacy: Java has a larger legacy system than Python, as it uses verbose coding. 

Understanding Python

Python is an extremely popular programming language that is extensively used across the industry today. The programming language is used for developing web applications, websites, and GUIs. Python development has shot to fame recently and sheds some light on the core functionalities and features of the application you are developing.

Python provides compatibility with different platforms and can be run on all of Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Unix, etc.

There are a number of features that help distinguish Python from the rest in the industry. These features include:

  • Python can help simplify complex tasks using just a few lines of important code.
  • And Python comes with an extensive library like Panda, Numpy, Tensor flow and others.
  • Also Python supports GUI or graphical user interface during the development process.
  • Python can help make debugging simple and portable for all involved.

key platforms and apps to be developed using Python:

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest
  • Instacart

Key Comparison Points for Python

  • Code: Python is easy to use when it comes to coding, as it utilizes small lines of code. The single code used within Python can be written within 2 lines. Python is preferred due to the simplicity in coding.
  • Dynamic: Coding is dynamic in Python as users don’t have to declare variable type.
  • Syntax: Python does not make coding difficult at all. You can mark the code as complete without needing toad semicolons or other marks.
  • Portability: Python is generally more portable than Java when it comes to use across multiple devices.
  • Speed: Python is generally slower in comparison to Java because Python is basically an interpreter in nature.
  • Ease of Usage: Python utilizes shorter codes, which is why the coding process is simpler to use in comparison to Java. Additionally, Python is also easier to understand and learn for newbies.
  • Legacy: There aren’t many legacy problems in Python. This can make the coding process easy for all.

All the comparison points above go to prove that Python has given Java a run for its money. While you can trust the beauty of Java when it comes to speed, Python has stood up as a valid contestant in all other marks.

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