Node js vs Vue js: Comparing Two Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

Node js vs Vue js: Comparing Two Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

Conducting a web development project is no longer to be acknowledged or feel honored because every small and large business is found jumping on the bandwagon and making the most out of the lucrative industry. Also, not to mention that this is one of the sure-shot ways to make yourself as well as your products/services visible in front of your potential customers. Get to know about Node js vs Vue js.

Surviving in today’s digital-driven lifestyle is not easy, no matter whether you like it or not you have to adopt it at any cost. Creating a website by using modern technologies means you are creating a crystal clear window for your end-users to not just peep in but also entice them to crave more of your products and services. Apart from this, conducting such development procedures can offer you a wide range of benefits such as you can enhance communication with your end-users, engaging well with them, elaborating your brand presence, and producing enough leads.

At present, Node js and Vue js have been one of the leading js frameworks used to develop numerous single-page applications, javascript web applications, complex applications, and the list goes on! The following post comprises comparing the two most modern technologies, i.e. Node.js vs vue.js. However, before we begin the comparison, let’s start by explaining the two.

Introducing Node js and Vue js

Let’s begin with Node.js, this is one of the leading js frameworks mentioned across the globe. Being an open-source and javascript runtime environment, a Node js app development turns out to be the best in regards to performance and used to create real-time applications, single-page applications, video streaming sites, etc. Technically speaking, Node technology runs on an HTTP server and that’s the reason why all applications are event-based. Before the introduction of Node, the applications were written in the client/server model. The first part is the client would demand and the second part, the server would supply. Now, this took a hell lot of time. Today nobody is willing to wait for more than three seconds. As a result, the Node js framework came to the rescue.

Now you must be wondering why choose Node.js instead of any other js framework for your backend development?

  • Developing real-time apps or sites catering to high traffic is extremely fast
  • The javascript code can be used for both frontend and backend
  • code is executed at a breath-taking pace
  • Since it’s built upon Google Chrome’s V8 runtime, it offers high-end performance and scalability
  • Node js offers successful cross-platform development
  • It features a Non-blocking I/O paradigm, this makes handling different communications easy at the same time.
  • The event-based approach results in high-end scalability

Some of the best companies using Node.js include Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, Groupon, eBay, NASA, Twitter, Medium, Wall Street, Tumblr, BBC, IBM, Pinterest, Sony, BMW, Walmart, Wikipedia, Airbnb, Mastercard, Trello, etc.

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Now let’s consider Vue.js. Vue js is a front-end framework mainly used to develop single-page applications, web applications, scalable network applications, all these based on the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). Since its inception, the js framework has always been loved especially due to its gentle learning curve and virtual dom. While developing any kind of web app, re-doing things is pretty much basic and essential.

So re-rendering the whole page after making minor changes is quite a tedious job. So here in Vue js development, we have virtual DOM, this allows developers to make changes effortlessly and save an adequate amount of time and effort. Apart from virtual Dom, Vue has HTML-based templates that assist developers in streamlining UI development tasks. Gone are the days when websites didn’t comprise any animations or transitions. Visual attention-grabbing elements have become a must-have and aid in developing more interactive user interfaces. Fortunately, you will come across several Vue.js tools and resources for web developers that make things, especially the development procedures way easier for them.

Further below let’s find out how Vue js development is beneficial in the long run!

  • The less steep learning curve
  • Easy coding results in eventually fewer developer hours
  • Featuring a wide set of web-pack templates, Vue development is more flexible
  • Vue CLI saves ample of time in developing web applications
  • It features Two-way data binding communication making things easy to handle and manage
  • And It offers detailed documentation
  • It acts as a perfect blend of Angular and React
  • Setting it up is extremely easy and offers easy integration and flexibility

Some of the companies that have full-faith Vue development include Google, Apple, Zoom, BMW, Upwork, Trivago, and the list goes on. Apart from all these, Vue has a huge and active community featuring developers and veterans who are quite available for you in case, there is an issue. The community is always there to support and makes it easy for the development process to accomplish.

Comparing Node js and Vue js in detail – Time Make the Right Choice for your Existing project

Released in20092014
Developed byOpen js FoundationEx-Google Employee – Evan You
Learning CurveGradualSmooth
CommunityLarge and activeActive
Mainly Used forReal-time apps, Video streaming apps, collaboration toolsLightweight apps, engaging and intuitive apps

Speaking in regards to its pure definition, Node js development is used for developing cross-platform applications and here the code is executed on the server-side. Whereas Vue development on the other hand is a javascript framework mainly used to develop single-page applications in the short amount of time possible. Nodejs highly supports Model-View-Controller and Vue works wonders due to the Model-View-View-Model pattern. Since it runs on chrome’s V8 engine, Node js development is pretty event-driven and is a non-blocking model and when it comes to Vue, it uses the javascript run time to get started with.

As mentioned earlier, Nodejs has a gentle learning curve in comparison to Vue. The framework is most of the time written in C/C++ whereas when it comes to Vue, it’s written in Typescript and javascript. It may quite interest you to know that Node.js uses no document object model whereas Vue does have a virtual document object model. All the requests are handled by Node pretty easily; Vue excels at handling AJAX requests. Since we mentioned this earlier, Vue is used to develop single-page applications and client-side applications whereas Node makes it easy for the requests to be handled from the browser.

Real-time data streaming is the forte of Nodejs and for Vue js, it’s absolutely not! Best apps created from Node include- LinkedIn, Netflix, Yahoo, Trello and for Vue, the name list begins with google, Behance, Trivago, Apple and so forth.

Time to Look Around for Relevant Web App Development Companies

Before you begin your search you must know what exactly you want or who exactly do you want as your tech partner. Whether it is a Node.js development company or a Vue.js development company. Now when exactly do you need to choose a Node.js development company?

One of the obvious answers is that when you want to develop real-time applications, then look no further than a reputable Node.js development company. Apart from that if you want to develop Microservices where you want your programmers to deal with less code and avoid multiple code duplication. Also, Node can be used to conduct scalable application development, IoT applications, and create components for single page applications or web pages. In short, anything can be developed here whether it’s a social platform or dynamic looking website.

Now the question is when to consider a reliable Vuejs development company?  Modern frameworks like Svelte and Vue are such progressive frameworks that is mainly used to develop unmatchable user interfaces. Apart from this, Vue ensures the development procedure is conducted in a timely manner. And it may quite interest you to know that the Vue js framework allows developers to realize what they are actually doing with the code. So there are fewer chances of errors. And this simultaneously speeds up the development procedure.

When looking for a reputable Vue Js or Nodejs development company, there are certain aspects that must be kept in mind:-

1. Specify your needs

As a business, it is quite imperative for you to know your needs and wants right. So once you become specific with your framework, it’s time to be specific how the development procedure will be conducted? What exactly do you want? Do you want the frontend development to be taken by your team and rely on your tech partner for the backend services? In addition to specifying on your needs, it is advisable to specify your budget as well. Yes, it is very important to make sure to choose a team that works on the predetermined budget and not compels you to spend extravagantly.

2. Go through their testimonials

The next thing to do is go through their reviews, ratings and testimonials precisely. Whenever you are buying something, the first and foremost thing you must be looking for is the third-party affirmation and same works for choosing a web app development company whether you want to choose Node.js or Vue.js services. Also, going through the reviews, testimonials will strengthen your trust within your tech partners.

3. Do they Communicate Frequently?

Whether you consider onshore or offshore development, communication is something that every company must excel at. Strong and effective communication makes it easier for people to work onboard and results in gathering clear and comprehensive information.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all for now! We can say that Node js app development turns out to be the best in regards to performance and used to create real-time applications whereas Vue js can be important to create frontend of apps.I hope you find the post useful. In case you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.


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