Why Do You Need to Improve or Remove Old Pallet Racking?

Why Do You Need to Improve or Remove Old Pallet Racking?

For decades, pallet racks have served as sturdy and durable storage structures for warehouses or other storage. The pallet racking is not fragile and can hold much weight for years. Hence, at a point in time, it requires improvement or replacement due to a number of reasons.

While growing the business, owners often forget about the pallet racks in their warehouse. And improper maintenance or up-gradation of old racks leads to major accidents in the workspace.

Here we will discuss why you need to remove or upgrade old racks in the storage facility. Take a look over the top seven reasons.

Top 7 Reasons To Upgrade Or Remove Old Racks From Warehouse

1. Damages

The first and most common reason for improving the rack is visible damage. As you know, storage is the busiest place to work on. So, the items in it experience wear and tear on an everyday basis. Negligence of racks, workers performing tasks fastly, and no maintenance could be the major reasons for pallet racking damages.

If your rack is old, then it’s high time to either go for maintenance or choose to replace it. Well, it would be great if your frames are on the warranty period. Furthermore, before buying a new piece, make sure to search for a reliable manufacturer.

2. Corrosion

Corrosion is the breakdown of a material due to exchange with its surroundings. The interaction can transpire at any time or at any point during natural gas and petroleum processing.

So if your rack is corroded, then you have to replace it. Areas with rust, flaking paint, and tarnished beams are a direct sign of the weakening of the metal. Due to this, the shelf will not be able to support the heavyweight. Moreover, you can’t fix this problem; it only requires replacement.

3. Inspection Recommendations

The inspection of the racking system is needed to make sure all the visitors and employees can safely come to your warehouse. It ensures the safety of a warehouse. So, inspection is required to avoid any kind of mishap on the working place. You need to inspect your racks biannually for dents, deterioration, or other types of damages.

Also, after a thorough inspection, a business owner can decide whether to replace the rack or maintenance could work well. Remember, replacement always costs more than repairing, so check out all the aspects before deciding.

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4. Age of your rack

How many years have you been using a particular rack? Sometimes, your racks don’t have any visible damages, still, need replacement. Heavy loads on the rack stretch the steel molecules and bend them after many years of usage.

Well, the pallet racking doesn’t face many problems. Still, after a long period, they weaken. In the case of heavy loads, this situation often comes.

So make sure your rack in the warehouse isn’t more than a decade old. It is because old racks have a chance of falling or being damaged.

5. Deflection of beams

You might have seen beams deflect naturally under the heavy load and disappear as you remove the heavy item. Sometimes warehouse workers obey the weight limits and other rules while working, but it still happens. So, if you see a deflected beam after removing a heavy load, you need to replace the rack because it is damaged.

Still, if you are loading the racks, then there would be a higher chance of collapsing. The items in racks may fall on your employee or visitors.

The solution is you can replace the beam. If this doesn’t work, then it’s better to buy a new one before any serious accident in the workplace.

6. Changing warehouse

Well, when you relocate your warehouse to a new place, the chances of upgrading old racks increase. Nobody wants to place any damage or rusted pallet racking in their warehouse. So, you can go for repairing or replacement while shifting to a new place.

Well, we would suggest you consider the relocation budget when thinking about buying new pallet racks. Moreover, if your budget is tight, then choose to repair old frames (if possible) so that they would not look odd in a new place, and you have to spend on buying new ones.

7. Future growth

Last but not least, the growth of a business matters the most. So, if your business or inventory is increasing, you definitely need to add new racks. Before you get some new orders or need to expand the business, ensure you have a proper space to put items.

Never try to adjust them in old racks or overload the pallet racks. It may increase the chances of accidents on the site. Once you have set the new racks, bring bigger stuff into your storage.

Final Words

So, you have read about the major signs or reasons for repairing or replacing pallet racking systems in a warehouse or storage center. Make sure to choose from these two options by considering your budget. A wrong decision may make you go out of budget. Get rid of the damaged or corroded racks because they may cause serious accidents in a workspace. Also, take suggestions from inspection specialists seriously. They may have known you before regarding the condition of pallet racks in your warehouse. In the end, if you end up replacing frames, then search for the best manufacturer and then compare their experience, client reviews, and prices.


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