Host IT Smart – Why This Hosting is the Best fit for your business

Host IT Smart – Why This Hosting is the Best fit for your business

There was a time when only the big names in the world of hosting could make promises about your site’s performance. You had a handful of options to choose from. And while few of those big names are still around, those days of their web hosting monopoly are long gone. A lot of small hosting companies offering promising hosting services at a fraction of the costs have come up in recent years… 

These options are particularly good for upcoming businesses and small organizations. Those that are starting out usually face budget issues and may not be able to shell out a fortune on expensive hosting. Hosting with good performance at reasonable costs to the rescue! 

One of such small companies is an Indian Hosting company called Host IT Smart. It helps you with a hosting plan that fits right into your budget, one that ensures good performance for your website. It offers several types of hosting that people from all wakes can benefit from, whether hobbyist, bloggers or a full-fledged e-commerce store. 

They also help you register your domain along with useful extensions, and having your hosting service as your domain registrar is always beneficial, as it helps you manage your renewals a lot more efficiently. 

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Shared Web Hosting Plans 

(Linux Hosting)

Rs 80/moRs 160/moRs 320/mo
Unlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited Webspace (SSD)
Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
FREE SSL CertificateFREE SSL CertificateFREE SSL Certificate
1 Website5 WebsitesUnlimited Websites
1 SubdomainUnlimited SubdomainsUnlimited Subdomains
2 MYSQL Space10 MYSQL SpaceUnlimited Database
Unlimited E-Mail IDsUnlimited E-Mail IDsUnlimited E-Mail IDs

Features to Look Out For With Host IT Smart Shared Hosting Plans

Linux Standard VPS Hosting Plans 

(OpenVZ VPS Plans)

Plan NameCPURAMStorageIPBandwidthPrice
LIN S11 Core1GB20GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 234/mo
LIN S22 Core2GB60GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 360/mo
LIN S32 Core4GB60GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 485/mo
LIN S44 Core6GB80GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 635/mo
LIN S56 Core8GB120GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 930/mo
LIN S66 Core12GB160GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1159.39/mo
LIN S78 Core12GB200GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1314.39/mo
LIN S88 Core16GB250GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1562.39/mo

Linux Enterprise VPS Hosting Plans 

(KVM VPS Plans)

Plan NameCPURAMStorageIPBandwidthPrice
LIN E11 Core1GB20GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 560/mo
LIN E22 Core2GB60GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 840/mo
LIN E32 Core4GB60GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1120/mo
LIN E44 Core6GB80GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1400/mo
LIN E56 Core8GB120GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 1925/mo
LIN E66 Core12GB160GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 2400/mo
LIN E78 Core12GB200GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 2681.25/mo
LIN E88 Core16GB250GB SSD1 Dedicated2TBRs 3150/mo

Features to Look Out For With Host IT Smart Shared Hosting Plans

Dedicated Server Hosting

Plan NameModelCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice
D1INTEL XEON L5420 (2.26GHZ)8 Core16GB DDR2500 GB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 4050/mo
D2INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core24GB DDR3500 GB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 5400/mo
D3INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core48GB DDR31TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 6600/mo
D4INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core48GB DDR32TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 7300/mo
D5INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core48GB DDR32 x 1 TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 7550/mo
D6INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core64GB DDR31 TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 7950/mo
D7INTEL XEON L5520 (2.26GHZ)8 Core72GB DDR32 TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 8350/mo
D8INTEL XEON E5-2660 (2.20GHZ)16 Core64GB DDR32 TB SATA10TB – 1GBPSRs 12150/mo

Small hosting providers these days provide performance on par with the giant of the hosting industry. And with the competition going on, you might even catch one of them with offers that’ll make you feel like you’re on the moon at any given point! 

But regardless of the offer, pick the one that has good performance reviews. Websites hosted with Host IT Smart perform very well and have good uptime. This is important because faster loading time minimizes drop-offs. It hurts to find out that a part of your audience leaves without even getting to know what you have to offer! 

Website security is yet another really important factor. It is your responsibility to ensure the customer data stays protected. Do not jeopardize data, whether the customers or yours. Any kind of damage that results from data leaks would lead to people not trusting your service. 

Host IT Smart Now provides a free SSL certificate with web hosting plans to ensure the security of your site. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer provides an encrypted connection for secure data transfer between you and your customer.

Their hosting is pretty smooth, and they even provide reliable, 24/7 Customer Support on chat as well as phone calls. There are no hidden costs involved… what you see is what you get. Further, they also provide various payment options to support comfortable, hassle-free payments. 

Hosting for your website is a crucial factor for your growth, and there is perhaps nothing more debilitating than bad website performance. But you do not have to shell out a great deal on hosting. There are some really good affordable hosting options available today, and you should look at making such smart investments to optimize your online business. Host IT Smart is one of such smart investments you could go for without a second thought.  For you can always count on the Indians for good IT!


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