Top 7 Graphic Novel Adaptation Movies

Top 7 Graphic Novel Adaptation Movies

Do you know what a graphic novel is?

Well, it’s a book made up of comics content. Hence, the gripping storyline is conveyed to the reader with sequential art scenes in a traditional sense or an experimental note.

Graphic novels encompass a huge variety of styles and genres.

But, if you don’t want to read graphic novels, you can always watch their cinematic adaptations.

In fact, I have downloaded a few from, and TBH, I loved them!

So, we are going to shed light on the top 7 graphic novel adaptation movies that you can watch and enjoy.

1: Akira

Akira is a cyberpunk manga series with a gripping storyline. It revolves around a weapon being developed during a war and being discovered during a much more peaceful era.

The level of violence in the movie is the greatest of all time. 

On top of that, there’s the influential impact of Akira on Dragon BallZ and The Matrix.

You’ll be amazed to see Akira developing some psychic abilities as he is recruited into the governmental parapsychology project. Even though he is in his late 40s, due to 30 years of cryogenic sleep, he is still trapped in a young kid’s body.

This is the best graphic novel movie adaptation that one could hope for. 

2: Old Boy

The movie starts with Dae-Su, who is an unpleasant drunk man getting bailed from the police station by a friend. 

As he comes out on the street, he is kidnapped and kept in a cell for 15 years. He is drugged most of the time, which keeps him unconscious, and he only has a TV to keep him company when he’s awake.

One day, he is suddenly released from his cell, and he sets on the path to track down his kidnapper.

No spoilers, but in the end, when the reason is revealed why he was kidnapped and kept in a cell for 15 years, it’ll all make sense. 

3: V For Vendetta

After World War I, London was declared a police state where the Fascist government ruled the city.

Tired of the dictatorship of the fascists, a vigilante known as ‘V’ fights the oppressors. The best part of ‘V’ is he starts a sentence with a V-word and ends it with the same.

One day he saves a young girl named Evvy from the oppressors and finds an ally in her in his fight against England.

This graphic novel by Alan Moore is one of the biggest hits of the era, so you must watch it.

4: Ghost World

Enid and Rebecca are two friends who keep on complaining about their hometown shortly after they’ve graduated from high school.

The duo forms a deep emotional connection, but their friendship soon dissolute into something else soon after.

Daniel Clowe’s novel was a big hit on the big screens because it involves some intricate details of two teens and the struggles they face while growing up.

Since I’ve watched it, I can say that the film adaptation does complete justice to the graphic novel.

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5: Persepolis

Marjane Satrapi is an Iranian-born French graphic novelist who has explicated her troubled childhood in Persepolis. 

The novel and the movie show how Satrapi’s family struggled during the Iranian dictatorship when they were back home.

If you’re exploring this genre, you should know that Persepolis is the most critically-acclaimed movie here.

It’s also one of the most relevant movies dealing with the world’s current affairs.

6: Hellboy

Mike Mignola was an absolute genius when he wrote this novel because he describes the story of a demonic beast-turned superhero here, named  Hellboy.

He works with the government agency to keep the Earth safe from unworldly paranormal threats.

The titular character of Hellboy was pretty famous and when the graphic novel was adapted into a movie, the response was equally thrilling among the audience.

The sequel to this film, ‘Hellboy 2’ was also an epic hit at the box office, which should be enough to convince you to watch this movie.

7: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim is the bass guitarist of a rock band who has always had a bit of good luck in terms of getting girlfriends.

The problem he faces when he tries to dump them.

However, things soon take a different turn when he falls in love with Ramona Flowers.

This girl has a long list of ex-boyfriends who hate Scott and will stop at nothing to keep him out of Ramona’s life. 

The Bottom Line


Here are the top 7 graphic novel movie adaptations of all time. As for me, I’ve watched all of them and have not regretted spending a minute of my life watching them.

So, if you want more details on these movies or these novels, ask us below.


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