How to Choose the Best VGA Connector

How to Choose the Best VGA Connector

The VGA connector is the analog video standard for transmitting uncompressed video from a computer to an analog display. It requires a special cable and connector, easily obtained from many electronics stores. If you consider upgrading your PC, a suitable VGA connector will let you watch your old games on a new HDTV or use a projector for presentations. Here we shall discuss seven ways how to choose the best VGA Connector.

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is an essential aspect of a VGA connector. A suitable VGA Connector should be compatible with your video card and monitor. If your computer has a VGA connector, find out how consistent it is with the video adapter, monitor, and TV you want to use it with. You can do this online by looking at product reviews or in person at a store that carries video adapters and displays.

2. Type of Connector

There are two main types of connectors used in VGA cables. The hd15 cable is the most common. These cables use insulation coating to protect the wires from damage and make them cable more accessible to handle. This type is plentiful because it was used as the standard for most PCs, Macs, and monitors for many years.

3. Length of Cable

While some VGA cables are sold in long lengths, sometimes it’s good to get one longer than necessary just in case you need it later. If you use your computer in more than one room and have an LCD TV in both rooms, you want to ensure that the cable is long enough for wherever your laptop will be.

4. Video Quality

Always use the best cable you can afford because it will give you a better picture. The only thing that affects image quality on VGA cables is the bandwidth of the wire. A VGA cable has a specific bandwidth that indicates the speed at which it can handle images. The faster the wire, the less time there is to process the video. If you have a fast monitor, you’ll get better picture quality than a slow one. Some monitors may have more inputs than others will use, so it is best to buy one with more information.

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5. Noise Suppression

Some cables are more protected against outside interference than others. If you are using a cable that is more exposed to interference, you can get a cable with less interference to improve your signal. If you have a computer near your speakers or any other source of interference, then a shielded cable will help eliminate interference and give you a better picture.

6. Adapter Type

Most VGA cables are only made for video adapters. The cable needs to be designed to work with your adapter. Some adapters are easy to find cables for, and some are not. Most VGA adapters have multiple outputs, so ensure you get the right one for your computer. Also, some monitors have multiple inputs so that you can use your VGA adapter.

7. Price

The price of your VGA adapter should be determined by what you will use it for most. It is only sometimes necessary to buy the most expensive one, depending on your situation. If you want a cable to connect your laptop to a projector at school, you don’t need the best, but if you’re going to play a computer game on an HDTV, you will probably have to spend more money. Asking your friends and family for advice can help you decide which is best for your situation.


If you are looking for a suitable VGA cable to connect your computer to an LCD TV, project, or monitor, you will have a lot of options. It would help if you always chose the most compatible adapter you can afford, so you won’t have to buy a new one later. If you need help buying one with the correct specifications, ask someone at the store where you are purchasing it. If you are still determining how much to spend, buying a cheap VGA cable and improving your knowledge by using different adapters is best. Once you get the hang of it, you can go online and find more expensive cables that will work with your computer.


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