Benefits of a Dedicated IP: Is Dedicated IP Worth It?

Benefits of a Dedicated IP: Is Dedicated IP Worth It?

Digital business leaders require adequate security solutions to retain or enhance their sales, reach, and reputation. The could also be an IT administrator or manager who wants to set up secure access permissions for your employees and teams. They may have heard about proxies, but they don’t know which proxy solutions to achieve business objectives. Using dedicated IP address gives businesses the ability to protect their infrastructure and workforce.

With the help of VPNs, businesses can access the company network anywhere, keeping crucial assets secure from snooping eyes. VPNs often use dynamic IP addresses, while some do provide the option of a static IP address. The virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your internet traffic and transmits it through the user’s selected servers. Businesses must get dedicated IP with VPN, which masks the current IP address and replaces it with the new IP address and location.

Below, we have highlighted the core benefits of a dedicated IP address and whether a dedicated IP is worth your business. 

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What is a Dedicated IP Address?

Dedicated IP is a distinctive address assigned to each computer connected to a network. An Internet Protocol (IP) address provides a proper location of a device or a website on a particular network, which serves as a unique identifier. So, using a dedicated IP address will allow the users to hide their IP and use a mock IP address through a VPN. 

However, many internet users usually share their IP addresses with other people or companies, which sometimes leads to financial or reputation loss. Therefore, you need to get a dedicated IP with a VPN that only one user can access. It maintains your digital privacy and secures you from cyberattacks.

For instance, you select a server location, such as New York, and are allocated an IP address for that location. In this case, your data traffic is routed through that VPN server.

Benefits of Dedicated IP address

A dedicated IP address is explicitly assigned to one user or company. It is not shared with other devices or domain names. It also gives you an alternate method of visiting your website, as you can type the dedicated IP address into your browser instead of the domain name. It isn’t ideal for every type of website, but it may be beneficial to yours if you believe the benefits listed below are valuable. 

Reduces the Risk of IP Blocklisting

One of the most significant advantages of a dedicated IP is that your IP address will be less likely to get blocklisted. Once you have a dedicated IP address, you will be the only person utilizing it, whereas many people or organizations use shared IP addresses. 

Although a shared IP address is typically safe, sometimes it runs the risk of your website or device being blocked in a particular country. This could be because other users on your servers perform illegal activities such as distributing spam emails, viruses, or malware, resulting in search engine blocklisting. Therefore, you need to get dedicated IP with VPN that will never get blocked unless you do anything harmful.

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Full Server Control

You can accomplish a lot more with your server if you use a dedicated IP address. You’ll have more freedom and customization options because you’ll have direct server access. Of course, if you have the technological knowledge and skills, you can customize user activities, permissions, etc.

Furthermore, you could run your IP-based server environment with a dedicated IP address, but you’ll need permission from your web hosting provider.

Faster Emails

Dedicated IP addresses benefit email services like Gmail and Yahoo trusted emails. Trusted emails are those that end up directly in your inbox. Email traffic from dedicated IP addresses takes precedence over shared IP addresses because the provider double-checks emails. If the email is sent from shared IP addresses, emails may even land up in the recipient’s spam folder. 

You can utilize a dedicated IP address to ensure that your emails arrive on time and do not end up in the spam bin. You’ll be able to converse considerably more quickly, which can be helpful in various situations, such as sales, customer services, etc.

Secure Remote Access

Workers can safely connect to company resources using a dedicated IP address. Security breaches are not a concern for businesses. Because each employee is given a unique IP address, they can quickly identify which account is causing the problem.

Is Dedicated IP Worth It?

A dedicated IP address is a one-of-a-kind internet protocol (IP) address reserved exclusively for your websites and hosting account. A dedicated IP can be helpful for various reasons, including allowing you to access your website while the DNS is down, increasing performance when traffic is heavy, and increasing security.

However, a dedicated IP is essentially the same as having your unique identifier on the internet. Businesses must decide whether the IP address with their server is sufficient or if they need to upgrade to a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address is a static IP address issued to only one person or business, and it is not shared with any person or organization.

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A dedicated IP address allows you to go online securely while maintaining the same IP address each time. The dedicated IP address is not the same as your actual IP address, and it will not be shared with other VPN users. It will be more expensive than a regular VPN subscription when they do. 

As compared to shared IP, a dedicated IP has several advantages. It is beneficial if you don’t want to prove your identity all of the time or don’t want your IP to be restricted by different websites.


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