Tips to follow while choosing Banner stands designing for your next event

Tips to follow while choosing Banner stands designing for your next event

The secret for every business is raising awareness and promote its products and services. No wonder, businesses regularly participate in trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. However, it is not enough to be a part of these events; you need to attract the attention of customers towards your booth. Using a banner stand allows you to promote your business to function quickly and effectively.

  • When it comes to choosing a banner material, you can select from vinyl or fabric.
  • For advertising with high-resolution and lucid images, the settings of light in the location play a vital role.
  • The fabric banners require low-resolution images and function appropriately in bright spaces.
  • The vinyl banner stands require high-resolution light.
  • The location of the banners and the kind of images you display determines the kind of fabric you choose.

Location of placing the banner stand:

Before you begin focusing on the design of the banner stand, you need to know the location of using it. The way you place the stand may impact the design greatly. For instance, if you need to place the stand in an indoor location with a high concentration of people, you need to restrict the text to minimum and put the crucial message on the top for the audience to notice it with ease.

Similarly, a display board situated at a height may include more text as the aim is to educate the audience to get more traffic.

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Adding call to action

With the addition of a call to action or CTA, you may increase the interest of the audience and promote a quick action. Business owners often ignore the significance of the CTA and fail to attract the attention of the audience. You can stay ahead of the competition with effective CTAs and introduce yourself effectively among the competitors.

Shape and style

Once you choose the banner material, you need to pay attention to the shape and style. Likewise, you can select from vertical and horizontal banner stands or try to go beyond the usual with rectangular and circular shapes. Apart from this, the style of the banner comes through the kind of message you convey.

  1. The retractable banner stands or the pull up banners wherein you pull up the banner from the base point of the stand and roll it down when not in use.
  2. The telescopic stands are made using light materials and stay in place through tension.

Color of the stand:

None of the most crucial aspects that let the banner stand come out as unique is the color you choose. Ideally, you need to choose colors that support the logo appropriately. However, you can also include other shades and pay special attention to the background color as it determines how people are going to perceive the logo.

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Short message:

When including the message on the banner, you need to keep it minimal and include minimal information so that more people can notice it with ease. The most important and relevant message needs to reach the customers. The banner stands are the true companion of businesses for promoting the product and services.


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