Understanding the Relevance of SQL and Ways to Repair it

Understanding the Relevance of SQL and Ways to Repair it

Simply put, SQL can get best be defined as a domain-specific language that gets used in programming. It gets designed to manage data held in the relational database management system. It can also get used for stream processing in the relational data stream management system.

Additionally, an SQL database is also called the relational database, and it gets named for the programming language it gets written in, which is the Structured Query Language. It’s said to be the more structured, rigid process of storing data.

The relevance of SQL database

There are many reasons for which the SQL database is considered essential. Here are a few important features and benefits that you should know.

SQL standard

The initial standard for SQL was fixed by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and later by ISO (International Standards Organization) that followed in 1987. The recent standard got made in 2011.

Open Source

The free databases from Postgres, MySQL, and MariaDB, the databases in SQL can get used at a reasonable price along with big communities with them.


The SQL operates in the mainframes, smartphones, tablets, servers, and laptops. In can operate on the local system, internet, and intranet. The databases making use of the SQL can get moved from one device to the other without any issues.

Easy to understand and learn

The SQL database mainly comprises English statements, which makes it relatively easy to write and learn SQL queries.

Used by the main DBMS system vendors

The SQL used by most of the vendors are Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM creates the DBMS.

Programming language

SQL can be used by the programmers in writing applications through the databases, for instance, the shopping applications available on the internet.

The language is interactive

People can make use of SQL to communicate with databases and also get the answers to challenging questions within minutes.

There are several data views

The multiple users through the database can be provided multiple views of the database content and the structure.

A complete language for the database

SQL gets used to create databases and manage the security of a database. However, its primary use is meant for updating, sharing, and retrieving data from various users.

Server and client language

SQL often gets used for connecting the front-end computers and the back-end databases. Hence, it supports a client-server architecture.

SQL is a desirable skill

There are several jobs in the IT support field, business data analysis, and web development that needs SQL.

The usage on the internet

SQL can get used in the three-layered internet format. Here the architecture can comprise of a database, client, and application server.

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What leads to SQL database corruption?

There are times when an SQL database gets corrupted. And here, you need to opt-in for a SQL repair. But before you do, you need to know the reasons for the database corruption:

Malicious attacks

The attacks that occur on the SQL server because of malicious programs and agents can affect the database files and make the database corrupt and inaccessible.

Power failure

At times, corruption can occur because of server crashes and power failure, rather than shutting down properly, during data processing.

SQL server bug

Usually, the bugs that are present in the SQL server can result in corruption. For example, the online index rebuilds in the SQL server 2012 and 2014 can lead to data corruption in clustered indexes.

The failure in I/O subsystem

According to the online resources, close to 99% of the time, SQL database corruption occurs because of issues present in the I/O subsystem. The SAN controllers, disk controllers, and faulty disk drives can lead to this corruption.

A few other reasons that can lead to corruption in the SQL database are changes made to the SQL server account and sudden system termination.

Things you shouldn’t when there is a database corruption

In case, you incur a SQL server database corruption, you certainly need to avoid doing the following:

Shutting the SQL server down

The database will move in the recovery mode if it gets corrupt. And shutting down the sever can place the database in a rather unreliable state when the recovery mode is on.

Making the database detached

When you detach any corrupt SQL database during the recovery mode is on, it can delay the entire recovery process. Also, it can fail to re-attach the database. It is more so when you aren’t able to operate crash recovery on the database, the server will not get attached to the database till such time it gets repaired. You might want to attempt to hack-attach the damaged database, however, it can get tedious and time-consuming.

Restarting the server

You shouldn’t restart the SQL server to resolve the database corruption. It will lead to other issues and damage the database, not knowing all that’s taking place in the background.

Repairing the database using “REPAIR _ALLOW_DATA_ LOSS prior to restore

Getting the database restored from its recent backup is the initial thing that you must perform before you attempt to repair the database using a “REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS”. This repair choice can lead to data loss

What are the steps taken for repairing a corrupt SQL server database?

If you want, you can restore the database from a good backup. However, if the backup isn’t corrupted or updated, you can opt-in for a DBCC CHECKDB along with repair options for resolving the SQL database corruption.

  • REPAIR_FAST –It enables in fixing the backward compatibility problems in the database.
  • REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS –It can resolve all corruption errors. But Microsoft often suggests making use of the repair option as your last solution for repairing any database corruption, because it can lead to data loss.
  • REPAIR_REBUILD- It enables rebuilding an index and repairing any missing row in the table with the non-clustered index that doesn’t lead to data loss.

That aside, today, there are also other professional SQL repair solutions that you can opt-in for. These solutions are available online and you can select the one that caters to your requirement and budget capacity.


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