The Benefits of MEAN Stack Architecture!

The Benefits of MEAN Stack Architecture!

Technology is at its best, and there is no doubt we have the best of the best technologies available in the present duration for project developments. With the MEAN stack architecture, the same is the case.

Developers increasingly used the MEAN stack architecture, a potent technological stack. Four key components of MEAN stack architecture include MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

This application is majorly in consideration for developing scalable web applications. Given that it provides a variety of advantages that are beneficial for contemporary web development. There are so many advantages available to individuals choosing it for web applications.

However, there are so many people and developers around who are fresher and have no clue about the benefits they will get while choosing MEAN Stack Application Development.For all of them, here we discuss some benefits in detail. Please keep reading to get well-versed with all these benefits and understand why it turned out to be the best architecture for modern web development!

About MEAN Stack Architecture:

It must be understood that the MEAN stack is based on JavaScript Framework and is among the most helpful frameworks for app development. The name MEAN is assigned by considering four technologies: MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. These technologies have a specific role to play, including:

  •  MongoDB: It is based on a document database.
  •  Express(.js). This one is a Node.js web framework.
  • Angular(.js). This is a client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node(.js): This one is the premier JavaScript web server

In the technical market, you will find some other replacements for MEAN, including MERN and MEVN. Both these frameworks are in use for some other needs!

How does the MEAN stack architecture work?

It is also integral to know how MEAN stack architecture works. Well, the working framework is very simple, and it is as follows:

Stage 1:

Primarily the developer will work on Angular JS as it is the client-side language. The developer will start working on it per the client’s request.

Stage 2:

After getting approval from Angular JS, the client request will be headed to Node JS, and this is so because it is a JavaScript server-side language.

Stage 3:

After the request has been processed with node JS, Express gets into the process and creates a clear database request. It will help finalize the data, which is important.

Stage 4:

After it, MongoDB retrieves the data, and a response will be available to express for approval.

Stage 5:

After the chain has been completed, NodeJS returns the data to Angular JS, and results will be available. After it, the data will be taken back from express and presented in the expected form.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Architecture:

The benefits that are a must to know about MEAN Stack Architecture are as follows:

Switching between client and server is simple using MEAN:

The major reason developers are happy to choose MEAN stack development services is that it is simple and fast. They can only write code in one language, thanks to it. Both the client and server sides may be written in JavaScript.

A JavaScript expert can oversee the entire project using the MEAN stack methodology. They can deploy the applications quickly on the server side without deploying them directly on a standalone server. This makes it fast for developers to develop the application.

High Speed and Reusability:

The components of mean stack architecture are very powerful. Every component has a significant feature to deal with. For example, NodeJS is an acceptable and speedy framework because of its non-blocking architecture. AngularJS, a JavaScript-based open-source framework, is preferable for maintenance, reusability, and testability. Apart from all this, it includes powerful directives for the framework progress that result in great testability and works with the domain-specific language.

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Cost-effective solution:

Developers only need to be proficient in JavaScript when developing apps with MEAN stack architecture. Compared to other technologies, the technology requirement with the MEAN stack is much less, making it a cost-efficient solution for app development. You will not need to hire a large team of developers to develop the application. Even at the time of project finalization, people can negotiate with the developers and decide on a flexible price suitable per the project.

Mean stack is flexible and efficient:

MEAN stack is among the most flexible and efficient JavaScript frameworks capable enough for handling projects from small to large scale. It doesn’t matter what development difficulties you will face; the MEAN stack sufficiently handles all of it.

Developers using the mean stack are undoubtedly adaptable and skilled at switching between server- and client-side apps. The best part is that it allows access to both client-side and server-side app code and cuts down all the hurdles for developing the application with MEAN.

Along with all the features, the best feature of the mean stack is that it allows data sharing and other information sharing. A developer only needs to add a field and proceed with the procedure. If they are facing any difficulty, they can resolve it by altering certain code they have been writing and getting the completed project in a while.


If you have a tight schedule, then MEAN is your choice. Developers won’t have to start from zero to make the nodules. A directory of module libraries is available with node JS that they can utilize. Moreover, they can get clear code copies without any errors. A developer will get notified immediately if the feature is broken and let the developer fix it easily. Along with this code-fixing feature, the major feature making it time-saving is using JSON to store data.

Furthermore, it utilizes a single-page application, so developers don’t need to constantly refresh the page to check out the server request they have updated every time.

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Effective prototyping abilities:

Every business requires a prototype for testing the functionality as per the user’s request. This is the major reason companies utilize this minimal viable product (MVP). The minimum viable product is helpful in creating the prototype and a cost-effective solution. It allows businesses to know how successful and user-friendly the application is and where they need to make the changes. With MEAN stack technologies, businesses can build up MVP easily.

Offers Quality Assurance:

Among the reasons for choosing MEAN stack people are happy to choose it because of its automated testing. In simple words, the developer will be notified during the testing phase if any feature breaks down.

This will help them immediately fix the issue and move ahead with other required app processes. Also, if the developer encounters any particular issue in the app, they can fix it without fail.

Great community support:

The best part about MEAN is its open-source community. It has existed for quite a long time, and a great community is here helping people connect and letting them get updates about the new features rolled out. The major agenda of the community is to offer boilerplate codes. They are accessible as plugins and aid in designing aesthetically pleasing and useful app Interfaces.

This indicates that a vast pool of developers is constantly working on the updates, and hiring the developer for the MEAN stack is relatively easy worldwide.


We are in an era where modern technology use is at its best, and in this scenario, MEAN is taking charge. It utilizes an isomorphic code structure that is very useful. This aids developers in swiftly and easily moving their code from one framework to another.

Development At Speed with Code Reusability:

While employing mean stack components, developers don’t have to wait long to complete their work. The components in the mean stack are helpful in the reduction of overload in the processing, and it also renders the request rapidly. The components, including Angular JS, node JS, mongo DB, and express, are helpful in that process. Developers will be able to create the app’s features and functionalities accurately and quickly by merging all of them.


Mini stack architecture is a helpful framework, and there is no doubt developers are very happy to use it due to the benefits offered. If you are looking forward to getting a project done with mean stack architecture, you must choose MEAN Stack Development for Your Next Project.

Find the right company with the right resources available for completing the task. Until and unless the right resources are available with the company, you cannot trust them for project completion. Also, discuss your needs with them in detail so that they can figure out what to do and what not to do. They will also suggest to you if there is any chance of alteration or choosing the technology that suits better to your project needs!

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