Why Good UI UX Matter When Developing a Web app

Why Good UI UX Matter When Developing a Web app

Most developers tend to overlook the paramount significance of the user interface and user experience (UI UX) while developing applications. They focus more on the app’s performance, which is important, but at the same time, the app’s design plays a crucial role in creating the best impression of an app and attracting more users.

Although the functionality of an application is quite important in delivering a seamless experience to users, so is the design of the application.

If the interface of an application isn’t smooth and appealing, no user would prefer to stay on it regardless of its high performance and functionality.

If you’re wondering how UI and UX contribute to making an application successful, here are some outstanding benefits of UI and UX in making an ideal application.

Benefits Of Good UI and UX Design For Web App

1. Grabs User Attention 

A well-structured and designed user interface never fails to captivate the user’s attention. Designers can do wonders in making an application attractive by creating visual representations of products that are minimalist yet aesthetically appealing and seamless.

When you have an alluring application in front of you, why would you leave it? Undoubtedly, you’d be drawn towards it for its captivating visuals.

When a user likes the interface of an application and its smooth navigation, the odds of spending more time on it and scrolling through it increase.

2. Build a Customer Loyalty Base

An attractive UI/UX design could bring existing customers back. In a world filled with an abundance of products, it’s always wise to chase user-centered products that can end up looking attractive with aesthetic visuals.

When it comes to the most popular and widely used applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Candy Crush, it is their amazing and flawless UI/UX design that has drawn millions of users.

When users gravitate towards an application, the customer loyalty base increases as they’re quite satisfied with the kind of user experience they’re experiencing.

One notable factor that can instantly enhance the customer base of an application is “word of mouth”. When one user is content with the interface of an application, the chances of spreading it to other people increase, which in turn draws more users to it.

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3. Cost Efficient 

The one misconception which often traps most developers is the exorbitant process of UI UX design using application development.

It’s certainly not true as releasing a product without conducting any user testing would result in the haywire of the application as you definitely don’t have any idea whether the designated application would successfully meet the user’s requirements, making all your money go in vain.

Who would want that? It’s always wise to conduct user testing on prototypes ahead of the development phase to ensure that the product is well reviewed and the feedback is well gathered.

Also, you don’t have to invest energy in redoing the development work. If you hire the right UI and UX designer, you also don’t have to get bothered about the app’s maintenance and updates, as an application with a flawless user interface requires minimal updates.

4. Drives More Traffic

Needless to mention, if your application design is awesome, it will result in delivering the best user experience, resulting in attracting more users and driving traffic.

However, you have to ensure that you hire the best remote UI/UX designers, or else it wouldn’t make any sense to hire them.

Make sure you hire designers who have mastered the UI/UX development process and know how to create a perpetual impact on users through a commendable user interface.

5. Builds Brand

Building an incredible UI/UX design results in enhanced customer satisfaction, thereby creating brand loyalty. The thriving brands in the industry always look to make their customers happy by ensuring that they deliver the best.

This results in attracting more users and creating brand loyalty. Customers are always looking forward to adopting new features that can enhance their user experience, which enhances the credibility of the company.

The more credibility, the stronger the bonds of customers with the company. In addition, when you build an outstanding product, your brand image soars, which drives more traffic and relatively increases the conversion rates.

6. Makes a Good Impression 

You must have heard this idiom, “the first impression is the last impression.” The same goes here. If you build a spectacular interface for an application, the chances of users getting engaged with it increase. It brings enhanced user usability.

7. Golden Opportunity to Get Featured By Play Store

If the users are head over heels for your application, their positive ratings and reviews would be visible on the Google Play Store. The higher the ratings, the greater the chances of getting your application featured on the play store increase. It’s just not featured. Don’t forget the infinite exposure that your application will receive on the Play Store.

Observing the ratings, the more users will be propelled towards using the application, which will drive more traffic.

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If you want to attract more users, increase the app’s ROI, and minimize the app’s maintenance cost, then make sure you emphasize enough on the UI/UX design of the application.

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