Different Types of Customized Software Applications

Different Types of Customized Software Applications

In today’s world, digital transformation plays a very important role in the success of any organization. Accordingly, there are different kinds of customized software available as per the needs and requirements of the customer. The type of software also depends on the kind of industry for which they are developing the software. This digital transformation helps the companies to sustain in the market for a longer time. A skilful team of developers can help to transform your ideas and thoughts into reality in the best possible way. Custom Software Development has widened the scope of exploring the most suitable software which exactly fits into the business of the customer.

Let’s look into some of the common types of software categorized as per the requirement. know the types of


A) Software as per the Technology

As read in our past posts, different trends keep on emerging with time. Hence, custom software development must be as per the new technologies and trends. This will keep the software updated as per the recent developments. Let us look into different categories of technology-based software:

IoT software

IoT is already existing in the market, so it is very necessary to develop such an app which connects multiple devices to the internet. Also, IoT makes sure that countless devices work towards the same goal. The technologies play a vital role in this competitive market and are widely used in several industries for many years. So, App customization is a must as per this technology.

AI Software

It is another technology which has overtaken several services. Many of the processes are just automated and the workload can be scheduled accordingly. It includes manufacturing of goods, packing of goods and others. AI reduces the involvement of humans, creating different opportunities for using the developed data. Overall, the efficiency of business has increased.

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B) Software as per the Industry

Every industry has its own specific set of features and accordingly the software is customized. Professional developers are well versed in the unique features of the industry, and they develop the software accordingly. This makes the software more functional and optimal for that industry. Let’s now look into different categories of industry-specific software.

Fintech Software

This refers to the software which is dedicated to the companies providing the financial services. The services include chatbot services, stock-trading apps, e-budgeting apps, payments wallets, crowdfunding platforms and many more.

Agricultural Software

Here the software must manage different kinds of services like the rotation of crops, distribution of fertilizers and water, management of machinery and equipment, and management of seed distribution. So, if these services are managed well by the software, then it will help the land resources to get a better yield of the crop.

Healthcare Software

Here the software must manage the health services, including medical research software, diagnosis of documents, medical records, software telemedicine, management of the hospital staff, and many other functionalities.

C) Software as per the Destination

There are different aspects in the business, different kinds of operations and services. And all these require special attention which is possible through specific software. This includes the below-mentioned software:

CRM software

This software helps to analyse the shopping behaviour of the customer and then present them the product and services accordingly. This includes managing the time, the internal employees and external customers and organizing the internal business processes.

Operations Management Software

This software is focused on managing the different operations of any business. This may include managing different things like procurement of goods, delivery of goods and services, and manufacturing regular products. This increases the efficiency of the process overall.

ERP software

This software focuses on streamlining the business processes most efficiently. They integrate with the core processes of your organization and then make maximum procedures automated. This not only saves a lot of time but also human effort. And ultimately increase the efficiency of the system.

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D) Software as per the Platform

The platform is one important aspect as is the medium on which the application runs. In this digital world, the apps are now functional on any digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches etc. Below are some of the categories of software are as follows:

App for the Desktop

This includes such applications which do not require any kind of internet connection to be operational. These apps can be as simple as a Calculator, any kind of Gaming App or any Analytics tool like SPSS etc. This does not mean that they are totally out of the web functionality but in general, do not require any internet to function.

App for Clouds

Nowadays the cloud has become another most usable platform. Many giant companies use the cloud to keep their confidential data which is accessible to them from any part of the world. Cloud is being used by the users to store the crucial data of companies safely under strict security guidelines. 

There are huge data centres which manage data safety on behalf of any firm. It is quite a low-cost affair, and one does not need to have any kind of expensive set-up at their office or manage an entry-level team. Thus, the maintenance cost is very low. Also, it is very easy to upgrade to the latest version of the app directly through the cloud platform.

App of Mobile

Mobile, today has become an inseparable part of life, then, there must be apps which run on mobile. These apps cannot just be operational on mobile but also smartphones, tablets, and wearable watches. In short, the applications should be able to run on any kind of portable device.


Above we have learnt about the number of software and as per different functional areas. So, the utmost important thing here is to understand your business in-depth and then accordingly decide upon the kind of software they want. The more appropriate the selection, the better will be the outcome in terms of efficiency. And this kind of practice of custom software development helps the company to understand their customers in a better way.


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