Essential WordPress Development Tools for 2022

Essential WordPress Development Tools for 2022

WordPress is the widely preferred platform to create and manage content online. Almost 40% of websites are powered by WordPress on the internet. Isn’t it sufficient to assess its popularity!! One of the most important features of the WordPress platform is its user-friendly interface. There are numerous WordPress developers with core expertise and knowledge about coding. However, the Custom WordPress development is evolving as the key to stepping up the development game and achieving proficiency. Furthermore, there are several development tools accessible that, when combined, push the website’s performance to new heights.

So, what’s left behind? It is choosing the expert developers and the WordPress development tools that can cater to achieving the responsive site designs.

Let us now discover these tools and plugins in detail!!

Top WordPress Development Tools for 2022

Buddy Works

Want development tools that can ease integration? Buddy Works is the ideal solution here. It comprises the best UI that streamlines testing, building, and deployment.

It can be integrated with Bitbucket, GitHub, and so on to execute automatic deployments. Though Buddy Works is Docker-based, it can support Kubernetes. Also, multiple languages such as .NET, C++, PHP, Golang, and others are supported.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the need for additional tools for performing website monitoring actions.
  • Allows using SSH scripts to eliminate the tool load.
  • Lowers updated time with deployed files instead of the entire repository.


XAMPP is a development environment that is free and easy to install. Besides, the X in the name depicts its cross-platform quality. It comprises installers for macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

In addition, XAMPP supports MySQL and PHP. It means everything is available to run WordPress on any device. Furthermore, it allows setting up the localhost on the computer with Apache.

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It is not only the best WordPress dev tool to rely upon in 2022, it is the best choice for developers looking to design a robust API workflow. Of course, being a developer you might be aware of challenges associated with the testing environment setup.

The Postman tool is extremely simple to use with an optimal emphasis on testing. It becomes simple to set up multiple testing environments. You can also distribute the test cases among them. Thus, speeding up the API testing practice.

Key Benefits

  • Allows using a monitoring schedule to run the collections for responses and performance.
  • The monitoring tool lets you choose the API environment and perform testing.
  • Notification is triggered if any of the tests fail.


One of the best WordPress dev tools that developers can not miss out on comes Telepresence. It boosts the Kubernetes development cycle and removes the deployment process from the equation. The code modifications are immediately visible as the device joins the Kubernetes cluster via proxies.

Kubernetes clusters incorporate code into the workplace to provide complete entry to the live environment. Simply put, developers can have remote control over the environment. In addition, the load on local resources is reduced. Besides, you can use the locally installed resources to perform testing, debugging, editing the services.


Deployment and integration are not possible without well-organized code. This is the reason the Prettier dev tool is designed. It is considered a code formatter whose responsibility is to deliver a cleaner appearance to the projects.

Prettier supports plenty of languages like CSS, JS, JSON, and more. Also, it allows easy integration of ESlint and editors such as Vim and Visual Studio. The best feature of all is it eliminates style questions from the code reviews.

Of course, the style guide is available everywhere. However, Prettier is better as it provides automation. With a single click, Prettier performs through the ill-formatted code and fixes it. In the end, code’s readability and consistency are vital things.


WP CLI known as WordPress Command Line Interface is a widely popular tool for developers to operate via console. It allows updating plugins, configuring multi-site installation, and other functions. All this lowers the development time. Furthermore, it is packed with a wide range of tools like Media API, Cron Jobs, Transients, and more that require WP CLI assistance. 

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The beginning of modern tools may make it look like older tools are of no use. But remember that traditional web service piles like XAMPP and MAMP will remain trending and beneficial. These are all local development tools that help your device function on the local server.

The MAMP service package provides you with the plugins and tools required to operate WordPress including the development or testing processes. In addition, the MAMP environment for macOS comes both in free and premium versions. Also, Windows users can take advantage. But most of the benefit is offered to Mac users.

In addition, you can use mobile devices for project testing. Whether you want to use Nginx or Apache for the webserver or any language like Python, PHP, or Perl for programming, everything would fit in.

Summing Up

To conclude, there are numerous solutions on the market that may assist in the execution of simple to sophisticated WordPress web development projects. However, with so many options, picking the right one might be difficult.

So, consider all these tools, count on the features, and make the choice wisely. Besides, you can seek assistance from fellow developers or seniors who can assist you in choosing the best one as per your development needs. Also, WordPress web development services come as a viable solution.

Hope you find this write-up helpful in gathering the information you are looking for.

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