10 ways to use content strategy to grow your business

10 ways to use content strategy to grow your business

Content strategy is about how we create and organize content on websites. People can be more engaged if they like what you do, and the only way to make your business successful is by creating good content. great ways to use content to grow business successfully.

Your company wants to use content marketing for its clients; it needs a new story/article every week or month, each one with quotes from businesses who have used your services. You need at least 4 articles per month.

Commentary: don’t forget the photo in this section! It must have an image of people smiling in front of their beautiful website 🙂

So here are 10 ways to create great content…

1) Talk about user experience/strategy for interfaces that people will pay attention to – not just web pages but apps too. Talk also about how best to make a website user-friendly. And include some great quotes from satisfied customers who say good things about your services and the successful changes in their business.

2) Talk about search engine optimization (SEO): talk about what’s important when creating new content – create beautiful text, use bullet points to attract attention, add infographics and tell stories with keywords that will engage people on social media or via Google searches.

3) You can write interesting articles using the problems your clients face: How do you deal with this problem? What changed after you solved it? Etc…The idea is to find interesting ways to solve the problems of businesses, which could work for other people too. The call needs “needs” not “wants” and focus on beneficial outcomes.

4) You can write about your company: how it started, what inspired you to do specific things, and what drove you to build new features for clients… Try to show specific situations in a funny way; make people like it!

5) Use images that show your business process. Show them that the entire process is aimed at producing results for companies who want their websites to be more attractive and easy to use. Also, tell stories about the new features you added recently – maybe some of those will help other businesses too?

6) Tell yourself stories: write about something relevant or personal and explain why this experience matters for others as well. For example: “I always wanted my website to be fast, so I worked hard to make it that way. After that, my SEO improved and now I have more leads.”

7) Use videos that explain how your company solves problems for real people. Include testimonials from them too. Or showcase studies showing the main challenges they faced before you solved them! But don’t forget to include the video in this section; there should be no file attached…

8) Write about your advice on using new technologies – tell other companies how you used something (like AI or blockchain) for one of your clients who really needed it, and ask yourself what outcomes or improvements came after that? Share this knowledge with others by writing about it!

9) Use an infographic: pick some data about their problem and illustrate it with an infographic that will go on your website. For example: after using our services, people experienced a 57% increase in their sales, or their traffic increased by 15%. You can include this infographic as well.

10) Think about the future! What new technologies will be relevant for companies who need to create web content? What trends will be important for your clients? How can you make the process easier by using new technologies? Can you help companies to use these new things easily?

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Here are some FAQs recently asked by new clients:

Q. How many articles do I need to publish?

It depends on how often you want to publish them. You can do it every day or once a week.   Pick the number that will make your business grow faster – this is important!

Q.  Can I use images in each article?

Of course! Include 4-5 nice images in every article. You can pick these images from our stock photo library or ask us to find something for you if needed.

Q.  How long should my articles be?

Longer than 500 words, but shorter than 2000 – aim to explain everything in just 1000 words, because people usually don’t read much on the web. If you write over 2000 words, break them into several pieces and upload them to different articles.

Q.  What should I write about?

Write about how your company solves problems for businesses who want to create content!


To sum up, always ask yourself this question: is this content relevant for my audience – is it useful or interesting enough to read? All of our articles are about specific problems that people can solve with our services, which are created for them after researching their business specifics. If you want great results with this strategy, don’t forget to create amazing images and videos too!


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