Pegasystems announces updates to its Pega platform

Pegasystems announces updates to its Pega platform

Pega systems have made a recent announcement regarding the updated features on the Pega platform which is helping the companies to embed and utilize the self-service workflows. The features are included in the latest edition for faster deployment of applications and for creating smarter workflows. The ultimate goal is to drive a positive customer experience for the customers and the businesses as well. This is leading to an increase in demand for Pega as it is helping in business success and achievements. Pega Training gives you a clear picture of how it works, all concepts from basic to advanced. In this blog, we will get to know about the updates to the Pega platform along with its benefits. Let’s get started!

The latest version – Pega infinity version 8.7 has got updated features that are helping organizations to put a step forward for innovations, with high scalability to provide a better experience to all kinds of end users. The available Pega version is providing some integrated capabilities to all kinds of organizations helping in the acceleration of digital transformation with a high speed and flexibility that is required to clear any challenge or issue that arises. These new enhancements to the Pega customer decision hub and customer service Pega platform helps the business leaders get into an innovative world and also make precise decisions.

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As per one of the polls conducted, in the customer service (CS), Support Priorities conducted, it is identified that 74 out of 100 percent of business respondents are considering that the self-service channels make a lot of difference, marking it as an important aspect of seamless customer experience. However, there are many organizations that are solely dependent on the mixture of soiled technologies making the execution part more complicated.  Let us consider an example in which the self-service option – change of address sounds easy to build and develop, but the real complexity lies for the developers who will be integrating this with the back-end systems. With this complex solution, there is an effect on the customer experience and also has become a burden for the developers who develop and implement new requirements as per the business needs or changes.


Pega system has made up its primary goal to improve the total experience of its end users, the employees, and the customers within the organization. It has provided the ability to enhance their experience using a series of enhanced connectors that help in the simplification of deployment of certain self-service capabilities by minimizing the development work for the developers. Pega has implemented a defined way of backend integration that helps in the quicker adaptation of the organizations to the customer expectations and demands by utilizing the low code platform in order to manage different types of front-end interfaces. Whenever there is a change in the workflow element in the backend, Pega is responsible for making those changes and updating these changes across all the different channels, which helps in minimizing the workload for the IT teams and also delivers seamless experiences for all users.

There are new features that are available for the Pega platform clients which is providing the developers with the flexibility to embed the self-service options into frontend interfaces. They are explained below: 

1. Improvement in the UX performance enhancement in the Pega API’s: 

Pega includes certain components which are very powerful called Pega DX APIs which help in delivering a powerful and elegant experience for the customers whenever the workflow that is developed in Pega is implemented into the front-end channels. With the latest version of the Pega platform, it is faster with respect to the user interfaces with less requirement for data transfer. It also provides easy capabilities for the configuration of the speed and also streamlining the experiences of the users. 

2. More flexibility to make use of different frameworks with the new SDKs: 

For the development purposes, the developers are involved in making use of their favorite front-end frameworks which help in building the components of their own to establish the connectivity between the backend systems and also maintain the look and feel of the website. The Pega platform is providing an orchestration layer that includes the components that a pre-built for the faster acceleration of the integration process, developed on some of the popular front-end frameworks which include updated and new SDKs (software development kits) for React, Angular, Web components which are available through the Pega Marketplace. 

3. Embedding of workflows into websites and applications has become easier: 

The Pega platform has come up with a new embedding capability that helps developers to utilize a low code way for the infusion of the workflows in two different applications or sites. Pega’s web embed is also capable of generating the web components that can be dropped into the web pages at our existing site. With this, there is a lot of savings in terms of time with the drag and drop feature and also reduces the coding part for the developers. 

With these capabilities in the latest Pega 8.7 version, organizations are able to develop applications more quickly at a faster pace. All the artificial intelligence capabilities are providing a way for the organizations to identify the loopholes or efficiencies within the organizational work processes based on the previous data. Pega has rendered positive user experiences with the implementation of the new design systems and new features making it more ionic among all the other technologies.

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Pega is one of the platforms which provides seamless support and features that are designed for driving optimal results across the entire organization. It includes a suite that includes all the artificial intelligence capabilities, helping in simplifying and automating the services that help in the development of the organization. 

Pega is more considered and concentrates on building features for the workflow automation. It is also expected to improve the processes using artificial intelligence.There are multiple opportunities for the aspirants who would like to invest their time in learning Pega and build a prosperous career for themselves.

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