Network Security monitoring tools 2022

Network Security monitoring tools 2022

A network monitoring software helps your enterprise keep your interface operating at its most total capacity. Let’s know about Network Security monitoring tools

If this program detects any issues with the network or symptoms that might indicate a potential point of breakdown. It will alert your IT crew to the problem so they can get straight to work on fixing it. At the core, a network monitoring solution assists your enterprise in keeping a check on you and making sure that a network is performing at its optimal capacity. Suppose you enjoyed reading this post, head over to this post. We feature how-to guides and tutorials, login guides, and troubleshooting tips and tricks for all your networking devices.

It’s 2022, and software is upgrading, and OS is also upgrading, and the need for network security is also increasing, and for that need for network security monitoring tools is also increasing.

What is a network security monitoring tool?

A network monitor is a type of software that continuously scrutinizes your network and the data that streams through it. Depending on how the monitoring solution functions, it may capture data directly from the interface as it passes by. Another way is that it collects data stored by a network, bumps the monitor that interprets this data, and displays it via a dashboard on your device, allowing you to envision the performance of your network.

It’s a tool that constantly tracks, analyzes, and reports of availability, health, and performance of networks. It Includes:

i. Networking Hardware

ii. Interfaces

iii. Storage Devices

iv. Virtual environment and other essential components

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Here is my list of top network security monitoring tools

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (30-day trial)

  • It uses SNMP to check network device statuses
  • And It includes autodiscovery that compiles an asset inventory
  • It Automatically Draws up a Network topology map
  • Runs on WINDOWS Server
  • Automatic network Discovery, scanning for wired or Wi-Fi Devices
  • Robust alerting system (simple/ Complex Triggers options)
  • It does analyze of Critical Network paths and Components
  • Planning of Capacity and Forecast

WhatsUp Gold (free trial)

  • Excellent and easy to use software tool which is used for monitoring of applications, networks, and systems
  • It allows you to Troubleshoot problems before any problem starts affecting the user experience
  • It also Acts as SNMP Manager
  • In this A configuration Add-on is available
  • Displays Network Summary, Which Shows overall statuses at a glance
  • Covers LAN’s and wireless networks
  • Generate alerts whenever there is a device issue

Nagios XI (Free)

  1. An extensible infrastructure monitor
  2. Nagios is core-based which have thousands of free plugins available
  3. OS – Linux
  4. Its Open Source Transparent tool
  5. Its Interface is Simple yet informative
  6. Flexible alerting options
  7. It’s an Open-source, transparent tool

Datadog Network Monitoring (14 days Trial)

  1. Provides Good Visibility Over each Component of the network and also for connection between your network
  2. It Includes:
  1. Cloud
  2. On-Premises
  3. Hybrid Environment.

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Troubleshooting Infrastructure, apps, and DNS issues with 

  1. fewer efforts.
  2. It can Monitor Network anywhere, Including remote sites
  3. And also includes DNS Server Monitoring
  4. It can gather SNMP device reports
  5. Whenever Over evolving performance issues arise, it alerts with a warning
  6. Blends overall performance records from many informative sources

LogicMonitor (Paid)

  1. LogicMonitor is a Secured Cloud-Based Infrastructure Monitor
  2. It Can Supervise on-premises networks and cloud Resources
  3. It monitors performance via the cloud
  4. Its dashboard can be customized, and saving is possible
  5. Its Trial Period is 14 days only, not 30 days
  6. In Hybrid cloud environments, it can monitor assets

ManageEngine OpManager (30 Days Trial)

  1. Server monitoring and network monitoring is included
  2. Customizable dashboard with color-coded dials and graphs of stay records
  3. Watches over applicable resource availability
  4. Its Free version is also available
  5. Available on Windows and Linus servers
  6. Allotted versions to supervise multiple sites from one relevant location

PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler (30 days Trial)

  1. Multi-website tracking capabilities
  2. Tracking for Wi-Fi networks as well as LENS
  3. For Gathering device health information, SNMP sensors are used
  4. Elective extra detectors to screen servers and packages
  5. Support for Capacity Planning
  6. Signals on device issues, resource shortages, and performance problems
  7. Ping to test on device availability
  8. Available for installation on a Windows server or as a hosted cloud provider

Site24x7 Network Monitoring (30 Days Trial)

  1. A hosted cloud-based total service that consists of CPU time and performance statistics (data) storage space
  2. SNMP is used for checking device health statuses
  3. Notifications are generated to forward alerts by email or SMS
  4. Root cause evaluation features
  5. Autodiscovery for a constantly up to date network device inventory
  6. It includes Facilities for capacity planning and also for bottleneck identification
  7. Integrates with utility monitoring offerings to create a full-stack service


  1. It’s an Open-source, transparent tool
  2. In this, Both SNMP and ICMP for a broader monitoring range are used
  3. Useful templates for quick insights are used
  4. Notification System is Robust – SMS, email, custom script, and webhook
  5. Below 1,000 nodes, Zabbix is powerful for SMB networks

OP5 Monitor

  1. It Includes Unified Dashboard, which is fully customizable and interactive
  2. Endless possibilities to Automation is available
  3. Developed a friendly interface
  4. It generates alerts from SNMP Traps
  5. Its Reporting system is custom
  6. SLA- Reports and network availability report
  7. OP5 Monitor is free for 20 devices, and it has pricing plans


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