Football betting

Football betting

Football is one of the most famous sports, if not the most, globally, so it’s no surprise to learn that it’s also the most popular sport to bet on. Bookmakers know this very well, and they are a strong point for the business because of the large number of fans they attract. And secondly, for the profits, they make from novice bettors. This is because most of them are simply fans, and few know the world of sports betting. Thus, this means that they tend to lose most of the time.

Although sports betting is generally done to add a bit of excitement to the game, the truth is that at any time, it can turn into a significant financial loss. There is nothing wrong with betting on football for the adrenaline rush, but it is possible to make considerable profits with more effort on 22Bet football odds.

That is not to say that football betting is easy and capable of making someone rich because it is not that simple.

Many people wonder if there is a foolproof method or trick to betting on football or any other sport. Unfortunately, no betting strategy guarantees profits, but there is a series of tips that, over time, can be polished until you create one tailored to your interests.

The professional method bettors follow consists of these key points:

• Value bets

The best football bets are those where there is genuine value.

Many bettors owe their success to statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. Some predictive football models are simple and involve calculating the arithmetic mean. That is the average of the goals for and against, in a sample size given by the games played. On the other hand, the most sophisticated models take into account a wide variety of statistical categories such as:

– Goals for and against;

– Shots for and against;

– Possession of the ball;

– Player performance;

Regardless of the football statistics chosen to create the model. The goal is to assess the probability of an outcome for each game.

• Accounts in different bookmakers

The simplest thing at first is to have an account with only one bookmaker, but the reality is that, in the long run, it is better to register with more than one.

In the first instance, the probabilities are restricted by limiting the options because the odds tend to be different from one site to another. And secondly, some bookmakers have a betting system that others do not, such as the combined ones, double chance, etc.

Continually taking the best offers, odds, and systems available at a bookmaker after analyzing the competition increases the chances of long-term profit.

• Bet on known football leagues and markets

Many of the most successful football bettors focus solely on 2, 3, and maximum 4 leagues. They investigate, analyze and understand even the smallest detail about them. And, over time, they develop an understanding that surpasses that of bookmakers and even the algorithms used by online bookmaker sites.

Bookmakers have the most advanced technical analysis tools, incorporating countless variables to establish probabilities. And the subsequent odds are incredibly accurate. Thus, trying to beat the algorithm on simple hunches is one of the biggest mistakes of novices, and professional bettors know it very well.

The best way to develop a genuine understanding of the football betting markets is to start with the leagues you already know about. Even once you have reached a good level of knowledge, it is advisable to stay focused on those leagues and not try your luck in others. There are dozens of football leagues worldwide, each with its quirks and nuances.

Another aspect to take into account is the betting markets. Many veteran football bettors bet only on Asian handicaps. At the same time, others prefer to focus on the overall results of the match. Another group seeks to exploit the markets by betting on the team that will score first, while a few prefer the markets in the first half of the game.

This point will depend entirely on the bettor and his preferences, although the advice is the same as the previous point: specializing is usually the path to success.

• Exclusive budget

One of the essential tips for any bet, be it sports, online, casino, etc., is to reserve a sum of money exclusively for that purpose. It must be money that is not needed for anything else.

That is to say, that can be lost without compromising other things like basic needs, for example. This money will be known as the gaming budget or the bankroll, and it is the essential tool a bettor has at their disposal.

Addressing each of the above points guarantees that at least the habit of betting becomes a healthy hobby and, at the same time, profitable in the long term.

Football Betting Markets

At first glance, football betting boils down to predicting a winning team in each match. However, the possibilities are greater, and they satisfy the interests of both fans and professional bettors. Each possible type of bet is known as a market, and the most popular are:

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• Global or Full Time Marker

The most popular way to bet on football is the full-time result, and within this market, there are two types of bets:

  1. or 1X2;
  2. or Asian Handicap;

With 1X2 bets, which indicate the possible results of winning, drawing, or losing and is also known as 3-way, you can bet on either team or for the match to end in a draw. The Asian Handicap, on the other hand, somewhat eliminates the tie by defining a handicap or advantage, making seemingly favorite-heavy matches a bit more interesting.

• Half Time Result

Sometimes, it is more convenient to bet on the result of one half of the game than to combine the first and second half. Such a strategy is beneficial if a game is played between similar or known teams for their great defense or offense, capable of keeping the game in a tie until halftime.

 It is essential to have an idea of ​​how the match can develop and the level of both teams to choose this type of bet on football.

• Total goals

Another common type of bet is to predict the total number of goals, either for one team or both.

The odds for this type of bet are usually quite high because the chances of hitting an exact number of goals are remote. That is to say, we mean that results like these are difficult to predict, and some precision is needed in this type of bet.

• More\less

Another option is to bet if the total number of goals is under or over a certain number, 2.5 being the standard benchmark. In that case, for example, you can bet that the match will end with less or more than 3 goals.

• No tie

The tie is not an option for this type of bet. Consequently, the odds of winning for each team are lower than in traditional 3-way betting.

In short, it means that you bet on one team to win the match, and if the game ends in a draw, the stake is refunded. It is, therefore, a protected bet if the match ends in a draw.

• Goalscorer

There are several variants, but the most common is to bet on the player who will score the match’s first goal.

In other cases, the bookmakers offer the option to win if the selected player scores a goal during the game, regardless of whether he was the first or not.

The options are many, and of those mentioned above, there can be as many variations. And even combinations between one and the other. Finally, the decision will depend on the bettor himself and the strategy that he has designed with the help of the first listed tips.


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