Top 5 PBX Business Phone Systems in 2022

Top 5 PBX Business Phone Systems in 2022

PBX phone systems are becoming increasingly popular – and are being embraced by organizations – because they are versatile and highly adaptable. So, in today’s corporate world, you need to adopt the most modern automation and business management technologies to keep ahead of the competition, and PBX systems are one of those tools.

What is a PBX Phone System, and Which one is Better?

PBX phone systems are business phone systems that function similarly to traditional ones but use an IP connection through the internet rather than conventional copper wire landlines. PBX phone systems, also known as IP PBX phone systems, are rapidly becoming the most common business phone system due to lower prices and more capabilities than traditional phone systems.

IP PBX phone systems use the technologies IP and PBX, which stand for Internet Protocol and Private Branch eXchange, respectively. Standard features include PBX phone systems, IVR, ACD, find-me/follow-me, call forwarding, virtual extensions, and other features.

Nothing beats one-on-one, the personal engagement that is conversing over the phone can give, whether it comes to technical help, telemarketing, or preserving current client ties. A professional and attractive outward-facing business phone system is essential for giving your firm a larger, better, and more connected appearance.

An outward-facing business phone system that is professional and beautiful is vital for providing your company a larger, better, and more connected appearance

Ring Central

It is a cloud business phone system that combines texting, video conferencing, and voice conversations into a single, easy-to-use platform for enterprises of all kinds and ambitions.

The RingCentral business phone system is one of its key features, allowing you to call someone with HD audio. Use your small business phone number across multiple devices, flip live calls between different devices, and transfer numbers in the RingCentral app, naturally. 

With RingCentral Team Messaging, you can send and receive messages throughout the organization, drag and drop files, put together your communications by creating threads, and lead joint meetings with a single click, to name a few features.

Mighty Calls

MightyCall is a highly advanced and sophisticated virtual PBX solution. MightyCall, in addition to the fundamental phone system functions, includes built-in CRM capabilities and an API that can interact with standard business apps such as Zapier. Other valuable technologies, like click-to-call widgets, help you streamline the customer acquisition process. If that isn’t enough, generous limitations will provide you the freedom to expand your firm.

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OOMA Office

Ooma Office is a fantastic business phone solution for small, medium, and large businesses. It provides crystal-clear phone conversations, simple-to-use applications, and over 35 distinct functions.

Its call executive features include a mobile app, a virtual secretary, call parking, ring group, music. If there is a blackout, web-based faxing, call blocking, an intercom, overhead paging, that’s just the start.


Nextiva is a full-stack corporate phone system provider, which means their tools and services go much beyond what you’d expect from a voice-over-internet protocol platform. In reality, this is only one aspect of their solution: a hybrid of team collaboration and bespoke relations software suites wrapped up in a VoIP business phone system.

Nextiva also promises to be ultra-reliable, with 99.999 percent uptime and zero outages reported in 2019 and 2020. They have a 94 percent approval rating and have received accolades from individuals and news organizations such as Steve Wozniak and U.S. News and World Report. It’s no surprise that they are the corporate VoIP supplier for significant corporations like Taco Bell, DirectBuy, and even the Conan O’Brian show.

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Unitel Voice

UniTel Voice is primarily geared at startups and expanding small-to-medium enterprises looking to improve their professionalism with a phone system. Also UniTel Voice’s cloud-based, virtual PBX eliminates the complexity of administering a telephone system. And UniTel Voice works effortlessly with your existing telephone devices, so you won’t have to handle any new equipment or software. UniTel has a straightforward and inexpensive pricing protocol, as well as a 30-day risk-free trial period to test out their services.


Private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems are the technology and software that allow organizations to employ various extensions. Similarly, PBX systems provide automatic call direction, intelligent voice response (IVR) menus, call scheduling, and other critical features to elevate your corporate correspondences.

These systems are ideal for many company types, from large projects to small and medium-sized businesses. Also, if you’re looking for a new phone system for your company, you can consider a PBX solution.


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