Why Recruiters Need an Interview Scheduler Tool

Why Recruiters Need an Interview Scheduler Tool

Summary: Many recruiters find it challenging to tackle the problem of different time zones while scheduling interviews. If you also face this problem, you can adopt a scheduling tool and say goodbye to it! Check this blog for the meaning, working, need, and benefits of an interview scheduler tool. Also, learn about some top scheduling software.

All leading business organizations realize the importance of using an interview scheduler tool in recruitment. These intelligent modern tools can simplify communication and engagement between you and the candidates in your recruiting pipeline. If you do not understand what we are talking read the blog below! Here, we will discuss everything you need about the interviewing tool. 

So, continue reading the blog further!

Why is manual interview scheduling inefficient?

When you schedule interviews manually, the entire process becomes a game of badminton that is not fun for anyone. You set the interview with candidates at a time when you are free. But candidates ask you to shift the interview to some other day when they are free. 

This process continues until you and the candidate finally decide upon a mutually convenient time to conduct the interview. But what is the point of spending so many days rescheduling again and again? It only made the recruitment process long and hectic not only for you but for everyone involved. 

That is because you are going back and forth, spending so much time scheduling interviews with a candidate who might not even be the perfect fit for your open role. It is why the manual interview scheduling process is inefficient and a headache!

Let us dive into the blog further and see what is the modern alternative to virtual interview scheduling!

What is an interview scheduler tool?

The interview scheduler tool is an online tool designed to help recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, and everyone involved in recruitment. The tool does this by automating the candidate interview scheduling process. Not only this, but it makes coordination between both parties (recruiters and candidates) easy and seamless. 

Usually, the automated interview tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to eliminate the need for back-and-forth interview-related communications. The tool’s main purpose is to help the recruiter schedule multiple interviews in real-time and improve the overall experience for both parties.

Now that you know what the interview tool means, let us discuss how the tool exactly works!

How does the interview scheduler tool function?

The tool begins to streamline the candidate interviewing process by accessing the recruiters’ and HRs’ calendars to sync them. The reason is to know on which date and time slots the hiring managers can conduct candidate interviews. In the next step, the tool allows the candidates to access those calendars and check the recruiter’s availability on different dates and time slots.

This way, the candidates can choose the slot that best suits them. One thing to notice here is that the tool almost eliminated the need for human involvement while scheduling interviews. As a recruiter, this is probably the best thing for you as it will allow you to offer an exceptional interviewing experience to the candidates without even performing manual scheduling tasks. 

In short, the free interview scheduling tool USA made the candidate and the recruiter available on a specific date and time for the interview. Besides this, recruiters and candidates can also use the tool to reschedule the interview or even cancel the interview in case of any unavailability issues. After doing so, the tool will send confirmation emails to candidates through email or SMS.

Now that we have familiarized you with the working of the interview scheduler tool, let us discuss why you should add this tool to your recruitment tech stack!

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Why do modern recruiters need the interview scheduler tool?

You source and attract many candidates during your initial hiring stages. But the truth is, you only need to hire that one candidate that best matches the requirements for your open role. And as discussed above, if you continue to schedule interviews manually with so many candidates, you will find the best candidate after many days. 

And guess what? You cannot afford to make your hiring process this complicated, as you will lose the best talent to your competitors. Therefore, when there is the option to adopt a modern tool and save yourself from experiencing interview scheduling challenges, you should quickly adopt it!

This way, you can use the interview scheduler tool to simplify your interviewing process and, at the same time, the overall recruitment process. Remember, the faster the interviewing process, the faster and more efficient the hiring process will be.

If you still feel you can schedule an interview manually and do not need an interview schedule, read the benefits discussed in the next step! It will help you better understand why you should invest in an interview scheduling tool.

Interview scheduler tool: What are its three key benefits?

If you invest in the best interview scheduler tool, you can enjoy many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  1. It can reschedule the interview:

Besides deciding the interview time at their convenience, candidates can use the tool to cancel or reschedule the interview. If we try to put it in other words, we can say that candidates do not have to send emails to recruiters and wait for their reply. Instead, they can update their availability of the interview tool, and the recruiter will know about it. 

  1. It sends interview reminders:

The interview scheduler tool ensures that candidates are informed about every vital detail and information about the interview. As a result, the tool updates the candidates and communicates with them by sending them interview reminders and follow-up messages. This way, the software ensures no candidate misses vital interview information and enjoys a smooth interview experience. 

  1. It saves the time of both parties:

You can save your precious time with the help of the interview tool. That is because you no longer have to spend all your time and energy deciding the interview date and time with multiple candidates. The tool will automatically sync calendars so candidates can choose from the available slots. This way, the candidate can confirm availability for the interview within a single click.

Choosing interview scheduler tool: Key factors to consider!

Evaluating and choosing an interview scheduler tool is not easy. You should know some key factors before making this decision. Here are they:

  • Explore the features of different online interview scheduling tools USA and understand their core features by taking free trials.
  • Before investing in the software, know your areas of improvement in the interview scheduling process and look for a tool with features that can strengthen those areas.
  • Consider the number of your recruiting team members who will use the tool because some providers set the tool’s price based on the number of users.
  • Look for an interview scheduler tool that can effortlessly help you conduct all types of interviews (group, one-to-one, and back-to-back).
  • Invest in a tool that offers rescheduling and communication features, as it will eliminate the headache of rescheduling and problems in communication with candidates.
  • Look for a tool that can track the interviewing progress of multiple candidates and provide integrations with online calendars, the ATS software, and other communication tools such as email. 

Now that you know some tips to help you decide which tool to choose, the next step is to learn the seven best interview scheduling tools in the market!

Which are the seven best interview scheduler tools?

You will find numerous interview software solutions in the US market. However, the main challenge is to find the best tool to fill all gaps in your interviewing process. Usually, the best interview scheduler tool is user-friendly, offers flexibility and automation, and provides smooth integrations. 

Here are the seven best tools that can offer you every feature you need to eliminate manual labor from your interviewing process:

  • VidCruiter
  • Pitch N Hire (Most recommended)
  • Rooster
  • Calendly 
  • Workable
  • TimeTap
  • Recruitee

You can confidently rely on any of the above tools to satisfy your interview software solution needs! All of these softwares are reliable and trusted by businesses worldwide.

Interview automation: What is its future?

Did you know that 51% of recruiters use interview scheduling software, and 26% are planning to adopt the interviewing software? The recruitment world is changing as every recruiter and HR manager is slowly inclining towards modern hiring tools. In this case, many organizations have started using interviewing tools to automate their candidate interviewing process. 

Thus, if we talk about the future of interview automation, we can say that the demand and popularity of scheduling software will surely increase in the coming years. Many recruiters have realized these tools are a great helping hand and offer many benefits.

If you are a recruiter, now is the best time to invest in an interview scheduler tool and prepare for a technology-driven future! In this case, video interview software by Pitch N Hire will be the best choice for you. Our high-quality software can make your interviewing process more efficient than before!

In the end,

Every industry, including the recruitment industry, is changing because of technological changes. So, if you want to convert your time-consuming interview scheduling process into a fast and efficient one, do not hesitate to check out our website and book a FREE demo of a high-quality interview scheduler tool by Pitch N Hire!


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