What is eCommerce? Definition, Types, and Benefits of e-commerce

What is eCommerce? Definition, Types, and Benefits of e-commerce

This post is valuable to you if you are looking for what eCommerce is, its benefits, and its Types. Because we have provided in this article a discussion of the meanings and benefits of e-commerce. E-commerce has been a frequent pastime of many people during this digital era. E-commerce is incredibly helpful for both business owners and customers in their online purchases and sales.

Rapid technical advances create for everyone efficient e-commerce. The internet, including the corporate world, has revolutionized many things. Where businesses may find quickly contact millions of consumers from the internet. In one network the Internet connects billions of individuals worldwide.

If you use the internet for promotion, your company can reach users throughout the world. The internet is the finest way to reach potential clients. That’s why the phrase internet marketing is used to carry out promotional activities via the web network.

The Internet facilitates online sales of items and services via e-commerce. It is easier to reach a larger market using Ecommerce and target the correct people. Ecommerce targets consumers not only nearest to their physical shops but worldwide. You can therefore target a broad audience within Indonesia and even abroad.

What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce is an activity that includes online buying and selling products and services, including transactions made via the Internet. For instance, a person purchases online a product or service, and a business sell online a product or service. This is therefore included in online purchase and sale or can be called e-commerce.

Were you aware that e-commerce can raise awareness about brands and even sales? As online sales are carried out and online sales can reach a broad public, it can enhance awareness and sales of your brand.

If you want to create an e-commerce business, you must have a tool or media to promote your business. A website is a digital media used to indefinitely market a business. This means that you can promote your business throughout the day without a day off.

Imagine if the company is open 24 hours a day and then you can buy more clients. You can buy your product/service anytime and anywhere. And you may ship merchandise or handle services ordered by your consumers straight away when your actual business opens. This is sure going to be very beneficial to you, right?

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Benefits of E-commerce for Business

In the business sector, there are many benefits of e-commerce that you need to know. Especially when you are an entrepreneur, the various advantages of Ecommerce are necessary. For entrepreneurs that wish to build their firm, electronic commerce has become quite vital. Because this is an efficient approach for anyone to take and do with less cost.

Traditional marketing normally costs a lot, but not electronic commerce. It reaches a large audience. The cost-effective technique of reaching a broader market is e-commerce. You don’t have to pay to advertise on TV or install billboards, which have a great deal of money, for an e-commerce company.

E-commerce makes it cost and time-efficient to pay staff for 24 hours to care about your shop. Online sales via the internet can be done without interruption for 24 hours without paying your workforce. This is one of Ecommerce’s advantages: you’ll save your time and money, of course.

In addition to saving time and expense, you still have many benefits of e-commerce. Here are some other benefits of eCommerce:

1. Reach throughout the world: Since billions of people worldwide utilize the internet, eCommerce can reach a worldwide market. Without geographical restrictions, you can market your business.

2. Business 24/7 running: Ecommerce helps you open your business all day without paying employees. Without holidays, you can promote your business for 24 hours.

3. Reach the right users: You may target the proper target users using eCommerce. You can use proper and correct keywords to bring quality leads.

4. Save time and cost: You can save time because you don’t need to watch internet sales every minute. You can also save on promotional expenditures because you can spend 24 hours without much money.

5. Increase brand awareness: brand awareness is very much important to your business goals. To improve brand awareness, you can take advantage of Electronic Commerce.

Types of Ecommerce for business

The types of e-commerce business to know. Either sell things to consumers or sell to other companies regardless of whatever business you are running. It can be sold online through E-Commerce. It is therefore good to learn about the type and benefits of e-commerce business before creating a website for promotional media.

1. Business to customer (B2C)

Business to customers or generally known as B2C is the first type of e-commerce business. As the name says, B2C is a kind of e-commerce that directly reflects the purchase and sale of transactions between companies and consumers. This is the most popular sort of company or we commonly meet this type of eCommerce business.

2. Business to Business (B2B)

The next is Business To Business or what is often called B2B is a form of e-commerce company selling products from business to other companies.

3. Customer to customer (C2C)

This is a final type of e-commerce business where this kind of e-commerce consumer, who bought it in the past, resells it to others.

E-Commerce is a great way to grow your business at a high level. So do not get excited if the eCommerce business is very much in great demand in this internet technology era.


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