How to save videos from Instagram to gallery

How to save videos from Instagram to gallery

Let’s start a discussion about How to save videos from Instagram to gallery, mainly there are very popular social media platforms that are rulers over all the world, and let us discuss social media.

Instagram is one of the popular and famous social media platforms that has almost more than billion population installed this application.

Instagram has become very much popular and Instagram users are increasing at every time. we can use Instagram for business purposes to promote our brands and also we can share so many ideas here.

How to save videos from Instagram to gallery in a simple manner

Instagram is a really fantastic place to share your photos, videos, and sharing it is very simple and easy, if you don’t share your photos and videos on Instagram, definitely we can say that your Instagram is incomplete.

We discuss that How to save videos from Instagram to gallery without an application, and you get a question How?

Download the Instagram application in your gadgets

Then the next step is to open an Instagram app.

Start to select a video that you want to download

After that, if you want to download a video then select the copy link.

After taking the next step to open any browser like google chrome.

The next is paste the video Url that you copied from Instagram to the URL Instagram column on the website. Then click download it will start the process of downloading.

How to save the Instagram video to gallery using the app

Andriod and IOS users can download some of the applications to save videos from instagram to gallery in an easy and simple manner.

Story reposter (fast access)

How to save videos from Instagram to gallery with story reposter it is an IOS application that will allow users to download all the videos from other IG users.

By using this you can save and repost videos and images at any time from Instagram.

It is a simple process that you can select the video you want to download and easily start downloading by using this favorite application.

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Story saver for Instagram (best application)

This is one of the best free apps that users will be allowed to download all the videos and photos from instagram in a easy manner.

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Quicksave for Instagram (best downloader)

It is an android application that you can use this application to save videos from Instagram to gallery, it is a famous application for fast downloaders and reposters.

This is the greatest app and fastest app to download the videos and photos whatever you want to download by simply copying the URL of the video you can start your downloading process.

Quick reposter

This is an IOS application you can easily get an answer for How to save videos from Instagram to gallery, this application allows all users to download. Here you can repost videos and images.

The user interface is very great and easy to use.

Paste a link of your copied video URL you want to download after that directly it will save the video to your gallery.

By using these applications you can easily save videos from Instagram to a gallery and you can even download videos from Instagram in a simple manner.


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