How to take care of your Mobile phone | Best Tips In 2021

How to take care of your Mobile phone | Best Tips In 2021

The mobile phone is always with us, it has become an indispensable tool that offers us many solutions, and we all want it to last us as long as possible. To achieve this, we will need to take great care of our mobile phone, avoiding bad users who may affect how it works or the components it includes.

Of course, you have ever heard of some of these recommendations, but you have overlooked others, so we want to give you all these tips that you must not forget from the first day you buy a mobile phone until the last day we have one. We and our users can be critical so that we don’t have to update the mobile phones as often.

Use covers and screen protectors

We cannot ignore the protection of our mobile phone by referencing external components that allow us to use it. Both sides of a cell phone and the sides and screen are essential. The best way to protect our cell phone is to use a cover that fully protects it, so we recommend that you look for those that have corner protectors and those that also think of rear camera lenses with a slight edge so don’t touch surfaces.

The screen is another very important element, it is the most fragile because it is glass and that is why protective films should always accompany us. Any drop or impact may damage the screen, but if we use a screen protector, we will prevent the impact from being directly affected. There are many types of protectors, and while some are better than others, all will save us from fear to some degree.

Always update to the latest New version

Caring for your mobile phone has a clear relationship with updates, security is not only external, and software must also be protected. With the help of updates and security patches on Android, we will be able to protect ourselves from new attacks and vulnerabilities that constantly arise.
Apps must also be updated, and in this way, we ensure that the entire system is updated and we suffer as few bugs as possible. The developers are working on our security, and if we delay the update, we may miss out on a solution to a future problem.

Take care of your mobile Phone battery

Without a battery, our mobile phone cannot provide us with all the utilities available to it, so we must try to extend our life as much as possible. To take care of this, we have at our disposal countless tips and tricks for each device, although there are a number of tips to help. us to extend the life of your mobile phone.

Don’t let the battery drop below 20%: Lithium batteries are affected when the percentage drops below this number and costs them much more to charge.

Use Original Charger: In order for our mobile phone to get the fast charging it needs and not be affected, we must use the perfect charger whenever possible.

Don’t fill your mobile phone with Lot of apps and content

Every time our mobile phones have a more powerful processor and larger disk storage capacity, However, we must not overuse and demand too much. We must remember that the more space we have, the more information our mobile phone will process and, therefore, before it deteriorates this happens with many applications and games that we sometimes have on our mobile phone, although we always use them later. The same thing happens with photos and videos, the large space occupied by photos and videos will need to be processed every time we enter the gallery, and it will take longer. To improve its performance and last longer than the first day We will need to choose another location to store as many files as possible.

Please Avoid high temperatures

Our mobile phone is a great enemy not only because of the battery but also because of other components. Leaving it in the sun can be one of the worst decisions and assume that it doesn’t work well again. There are many components that can be damaged by leaving it in full sun, especially in summer, and we should always keep these guidelines in mind.

When we use it, we also need to be vigilant in case we overuse or if we use it while charging and the temperature rises.

Take care of it day in and day out

We not only need to take care of our mobile phone when we see that the battery does not last long, that the screen is scratched or when it takes too long to process photos and videos. Just like we can do with a car by changing the oil, cleaning the windows, or if we compare it to cleaning the house, our smartphone also needs some care that we shouldn’t overlook.

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