6 ultimate ways to download youtube videos without applications.

6 ultimate ways to download youtube videos without applications.

Let’s discuss How to download youtube videos without Applications – Youtube is a wonderful place for every smartphone user to watch happily.

Youtube is really very interesting with all unique videos. we can find different kinds of contents available here with great entertainment. You is one of the most famous site today there is no doubt at all.

We can see all favorite movies and what ever we want and also we can repeat so many times our favorite videos here.

Some of the people think so much that how to download from it. Users face some trouble with thier less memory space to use an additional applications, so they spend all the time to watch the videos again and again on youtube.

Here 6 ways to download youtube videos without applications

Do get so worried, because here are some of the 7 ways to download youtube videos without application. It is very simple and easy that you can download youtube videos with some following ideas.


Y2mate is a fantastic way to download youtube videos without an application. You can easily access this site by using Google or any other browsers.

When the access process will begin from starting, make sure that the signal in your location is strong to start downloading videos.

You need a very strong and good signal to download youtube videos because if you choose high-quality videos it makes takes so much time and it needs a capacity of a good signal.

After opening a page you just paste the URL copied from youtube. And also you can choose the video format you want to download.


Dredown is another way to download youtube videos without an application. This is a site that having a great facility that you not only download youtube videos here, but also it is a place for another platforms like FB and so many..

You want to download youtube videos, just click on youtube icon there. Just simply paste a link that you copied from youtube video in available column.

Youtube videos download process will start and automatically it will saved to your device. And also you may see lot of popup ads which makes you some annoyed.

This site is very simple and easy to downlpad youtube videos fast.

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You can use Vidpaw.com to download your favorite youtube videos. After the download process complete. The download videos will be saved automatically to your device.

First you must know that how to download youtube videos without an application.

Open the site in any browser and wait until it gets appears, if it appears then paste the URL link which you already copied from youtube. Then enter the youtube link you want o download, then immediately the downloading process will be started which you have chosen the video to download.

Also select a quality of the video before you start a download process, see your data until the download process complete.


Savefrom.net is the best way to download youtube videos. On this site, you just need to enter your URL of the youtube which you want to download

It takes some time to appears on the screen, after it appears, paste the URL from youtube you copied before. And also you can select different kinds of formats like MP4, WEBM, 3GP, MP3, etc..,

It takes some time to finish the download process, so be cool and relax. You can watch interesting youtube videos and you can easily share them on other platforms.

Keepvid.com (featured)

Keepvid.com is an excellent site to download youtube videos without application, you just need to prepare a video link you want to download. After that paste the link on coloum of keepvid.com page. And the video get starts download and also after finishing it directly saves to your Smartphones.

Just watch unlimted favourite youtube videos downloaded with a lot of entertainment.

Add-ons easy youtube downloader express

Before using this site make sure that there is an availability of add-ons in your browser, by pressing the menu on add-ons you can see in that menu whether an easy youtube downloader express is installed or not.

If it is installed you can open a youtube to download a video here you no need to copy and paste the link.

How to download youtube videos with this site easily make sure to type in add-ons search place.

Add-ons new page will be appears, then click add to firefox so it will be installed in browser you can simply download videos on youtube.

These are the 8 simplest ways to download youtube videos without using applications, Above mentioned site will download youtube videos very simply and easily, And these are useful to those how really like to enjoy youtube videos.

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