Best Latest Wireless Headphones and earphones in 2021

Best Latest Wireless Headphones and earphones in 2021

There is no reason to doubt that among the variety of headsets, wireless headphones are the most popular. Already, many modern smartphones lack a 3.5 mm jack. For obvious reasons, it is quite difficult to make a choice.

by form factor – there are full-size, overhead, Bluetooth headphones with a wire between the inserts and wireless plugs (in-channel and plug-in);
by type of communication – there are radio headphones that are used indoors because of the massive module (for offices, companies) and Bluetooth headphones for ordinary users. As you understand, we are interested in the second class. There is also support for infrared, but such a connection is no longer relevant.


As you understand, by design type, all Bluetooth headphones can be divided into internal and external. However, many users simply do not know how the gags differ from the earbuds. First, we suggest dealing with this issue. As a rule, earphones and earplugs mean in-channel vacuum accessories. They have a less deep landing than their counterparts and they are usually cheaper if you compare devices of the same price category. We suggest not to waste time on this. We just collected for you the most worthy solutions in a different range. This rule also applies to gags and inserts, since today few people distinguish between these concepts, including online stores.

Xiaomi Redmi AirPods

The company has released many decent wireless headsets this year, and, frankly, it’s quite difficult to distinguish at least one model from other good vacuum headphones. But taking into account customer reviews, the editors of TechnoRating want to share with you a description of the Redmi AirPods model. This accessory weighs only 8.2 grams. The kit includes a 27-gram case charge, inside which is a 300 mAh capacity. This is enough for three full charge models. At the same time, the headphones themselves have one 40 mAh battery, which lasts for 4 hours of battery life. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module guarantees communication with the sound source at a distance of up to 10 meters. Fully wireless headphones have 7,

case charging included;
noise reduction DSP;
Audio chip Realtek 8763.

not the best time of autonomy.

Getlux mini ears

Another good and inexpensive model of wireless headphones is Getlux Mini Ears. The radius of the novelty is 15 meters. Judging by customer reviews, in addition to the stylish design and compact size, this device guarantees high sound quality. In the box, each user can find 6 pieces of interchangeable ear pads, a micro USB cable for charging, a magnetic charging case, and, in fact, the headphones themselves with Bluetooth v 5.0 support. According to the manufacturer, the battery life during continuous operation is 6 hours, in standby mode – up to 30 hours.

radius of action;
compact sizes;
stylish design;
battery life.

still alittle-known brand.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lite

If you are looking for TWS headphones (without wires) we also recommend paying attention to the flagship earplugs from HUAWEI – FreeBuds Lite. It is offered in two design options: black coal and ceramic white. Thanks to the presence of an infrared sensor, sound playback automatically stops when you remove the headphones. It is worth noting that this device will receive upgraded speakers and an equalizer function, which provides powerful bass, transmission accuracy and high-quality playback of all frequencies. Perhaps this is not the most affordable price tag, but the speakers got a diaphragm made of titanium and a polyurethane composite.

active noise reduction;
good sound;
convenient form factor;
microphone for talking.

dear price tag.

Apple AirPods Pro

This headset provides a comfortable fit and the presence of a powerful 10-core H1 chip. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of a convenient, ergonomic shape: the headphones are tightly fixed, the ears do not get tired, and you can enjoy the excellent sound for an unlimited time. Naturally, the technology of active noise reduction is provided. The kit includes three pairs of silicone inserts of different sizes. Analyzing the sound output parameters, it can be noted that the model guarantees powerful, rich bass, fine-tuning of the mid frequencies and a minimum of distortion. A wide amplitude driver will help you achieve a clean, balanced sound. In turn,

noise suppression;
soft elastic bands.

high price.


This category contains more expensive and comfortable earbuds. Such headphones appeared as a result of the development of medicine. Their landing, as a rule, is deeper than that of the gags (vacuum headphones). At the same time on sale, you can find in-ear headphones in a wider range. Often they are called liners, buttons, barrels, and this list is not final. We have tried to find the most worthy models of this category for you. In this segment, you will find newer, more functional and acceptable solutions taking into account the price/quality ratio.

Samsung EO-EG920 Fit

In the segment of inexpensive but good wireless headphones, Samsung earbuds called the EO-EG920 Fit to look decent. Despite the low cost, this headset provides high-quality stereo sound. Including due to deep landing in the auricle. The manufacturer has taken care of the availability of high-quality earmolds and mounts. Also worthy of attention is a bright hybrid design that does not correspond to the budget segment. For balance and deep bass meets the 12-mm speaker and high-quality driver. It is worth adding that the microphone body is made of sound-absorbing material. Therefore, you can count on a decent level of voice transmission. The sensitivity of the internal speakers is 101.5 dB / mW.

low price;
sets of ear pads;
good build quality.

Honor FlyPods

It is not a rare occurrence when Honor pleases with a good price/quality ratio. For true connoisseurs of products of this brand, we could not forget about the good FlyPods in-ear Bluetooth headphones, because these headphones have excellent characteristics and do not lose their relevance, to this day due to the excellent build quality and musical parameters. This model connects to the sound source via Bluetooth 5.0 and guarantees excellent communication within a radius of 10 meters. The headset is one of the popular models for playing sports since the IP54 protection class indicates the possibility of use in a humid environment, but this is not the top model in this regard. Among the real strengths of the model, it is necessary to include a capacious 420 mAh battery, as well as touch controls. Sound, you know, is at its best, which can be understood by the manufacturer and price of the model. The left earbud can be used to activate the voice assistant, and the right one controls music playback. The convenience of management is not to complain about.

fast charge;
excellent build;
comfortable to wear.

not the most stylish design.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

In the premium segment, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 in-ear wireless headphones debuted quite loudly. The pluses include an active noise reduction system, advanced audio processing technology. The model with high accuracy recognizes extraneous sounds, perfectly adapts to changes in noise. The strengths include smart charging technology. Many users will surely like the ergonomic design, as well as the innovative processor with BLE support. The manufacturer claims that the advanced sound processing technology with a frequency of 356 MHz guarantees stable synchronization with any sound sources. You should not doubt the Kirin A1 processor power! A truly advanced chip will allow you to get an unforgettable experience in any activity: communication, games, listening to music.

good microphone;
autonomy time;
noise suppression;
stylish design.

not found.

According to the editors, the best wireless headphones in 2021 is the AirPods 2 model from AirPods 2. The device involves activating the Siri assistant using voice. By the way, a lot of effort was put on advertising this gadget. If you remember, there was even news that a representative of this line was in the stomach of one of the users who accidentally swallowed the liner during sleep. And what is the result? The model continued to function in the abdominal cavity. That is, it is not worth doubting the protection class! Novelty received a new H1 processor, guaranteeing a stable wireless connection. The advantages include optical sensors, an accelerometer capable of recognizing what the owner says. You can listen to music for 5 hours without recharging, and this is one of the best indicators in this line.

Apple AirPods 2

powerful chip;
bright design;
protection class;
fast connection;

not detected.


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